Rain, Rain GO AWAY!

I just needed to post this to express my frustration:


10 reasons why I wrote the above:

1. Monkey Girl constantly wants to be outside

2. It leaves muddy footprints all over my entryway floor when kids come home.

3. Kids who came home are so over energetic I wish I could use duct tape to stick them in place.

4. I can’t have a picnic in the park with friends like I wanted to.

5. The trampoline is always wet and I must listen to Elasto-Boy complain about it… all__the__time.

6. The grass grows REALLY fast and can’t be mowed because it is too wet.

7. I get soaked when trying to buy milk.

8. My kids go through more laundry than they would if it were sunny… thus creating more laundry for me to wash.

9. Soccer practices are cancelled which makes for 3 very grumpy kids.

10. It is so danged muggy in here I want to run around in the nood… but Big Guy would be rather bothered by that!

Now… I must confess that I often love the occaisonal cloudy, rainy afternoon… but this is too much!

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2 Responses to Rain, Rain GO AWAY!

  1. I totally agree! I’m pulling out my hair!!!! Our grass is growing at alarming rates too and we are unable to mow it. Rain, rain, go away!!!

  2. Sara Anderson says:

    I hate rain too but thankfully we haven’t had any lately.

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