Tot Time – The Meowriffic letter Cc!

Tot School

My tot is 22 months old!

Monkey Girl loved totschool this week. We used the Cc printables from 1+1+1 and since the focus was “C is for cat” and the vocabulary centered around naming pets, she was pleased. (Meowing is one of her favourite things to do!)

It’s been a busy weekend so I am just going to do a quick post, covering our highlights.


We made our new sticker cards for the letter C and played with her letter basket (while meowing of course). We also made her name out of stickers too!


Monkey Girl developed an obsession with “treasures” this week and started filling a little box that Mr. Hockey made for me last Mother’s Day. She would play with these for long periods of time, counting, touching and organizing them.



We spent lot’s of time on printables from 1+1+1 – She just loves these things! She just won’t say “Cah” or “Cat” though and just meows at me when I ask her to. Ah well, at least she is getting some fine motor practice!


I had a nifty idea – hide cardstock C’s in her rice bin and have her find them. She loved this and did it over and over again!

We also played with her name magnets and farm puzzle from her toy shelves.



We coloured Cc’s and counted cats using more printables.


Monkey girl hempled me make playdough Cc’s and poked them with a playdough knife. She also helped me count stickers. We used the sequencing cards from the 1+1+1 printables for letter D to do somen1 to 1 correspondence sticker work.


Then we used the cat’s from the sequencing cards and placed them in order of Big, Medium and Small. This was a bit over her head but she certainly did a lot of meowing while we worked with them!

Last, Monkey girl played with her littlest pet shop toys to go with the pet vocabulary from the Cc unit at 1+1+1. She took these out many times during the week, but this was the only photo that I managed to catch.


We coloured cats and then used the marker lids to colour match. We did this a few times but Monkey girl preferred to… you guessed it… Meow at her colour cards again!


We cut out the shapes from the Dd printables and glued them on a peice of construction paper. I asked Monkey Gril to hand me the shaes, one by one, using their proper name as I did. She shocked me with knkowing every single one! We also played with her rice bin outside and found more C’s.



We did some more printables and had a pretty relaxing day on Friday as Queen Bee was home sick. She also played the starfall app with Queen Bee but I can’t post a picture because it shows Queen Bee’s face.


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One Response to Tot Time – The Meowriffic letter Cc!

  1. Sara Anderson says:

    I am amazed she doesn’t put things in her mouth! My 20 month old puts EVERYTHING in his!

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