The Great Minivan Hunt

In case anyone has been wondering where we’ve been:

Our family has grown… and grown… and grown!

To think, 6 years ago today Hubbers and I got married. Now, we have a 20 year old, a 12 year old, two 10 year olds, a 9 year old and a 22 month old. Because of all this, we needed a BIGGER vehicle!

Our current Minivan only holds 7 passengers and we have 8 in our family. It is remarkably difficult to find an 8 seater minivan for a decent price so we had to get creative. We didn’t want to buy new, or go too expensive as we’d like to buy out our current Montana at the end of it’s lease (our poor little Saturn is dyeing) and don’t really want to put ourselves into some kind of crazy debt.

After hunting around, we found that most 8 seaters are either really old or really new… we wanted neither. Then I stumbled across a wonderful idea!

Buy a Dodge Caravan made before 2008, move the back seat to the middle and purchase another back seat for the back. I looked into the safety and legality of it and both are on the up and up.

SOOO began the great Caravan search. We found a lot of them and had to do some narrowing. After narrowing, we took a trip to Ottawa for our anniversary – great way to spend it eh? Van hunting! My Aunt and Uncle generously took the boys for the weekend and the girls went for releif. We did have to cart around a bouncy toddler but things went well. I am happy to say we found one that suits our fancy and already put a down payment on it this afternoon. Hubbers will be back next week (we are in a hotel tonight) to pay the rest and grab it from the lot. In case you are wondering – it is a 2007, with 48 months of warrenty left to it for 9000. Not bad!

Woohoo… we are now a family of not one, but two minivans. We’re cool!

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2 Responses to The Great Minivan Hunt

  1. TornadoTwos says:

    Wow, that was very creative of you! I’m impressed!

  2. anneabell says:

    Thanks! I wish I could take credit but I found the idea from a search on google for “8 seater minivan”. I was excited to find it though!

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