Tot School – D’s and d’s and Ducks if you please!

Tot School

My tot is 22 months old!

We didn’t accomplish quite as much this past week as it was Victoria Day on Monday, our Anniversary Saturday and the bigger kiddos all left on Thursday to give us a bit of a break. Monkey Girl stayed with us but learning time kind of fell by the wayside with trips to Ottawa, eating out and hunting for a new van.



We did some dot painting with printables from 1+1+1 and then coloured a duck. She’s big into the colour purple these days and loves ducks so spent a lot of time colouring this purple fellow. I think it is her best coluring to date!


We also put stickers on her Dd letter cards and put together her letter basket. With it being a holiday, Hubbers was home with us too and got in on the action by printing off a “D is for Daddy” picture. She liked this quite a bit!

Monkey Girl also enjoyed her dinosaurs from her toy shelf and helped Daddy make bread.


We read one of Monkey Girl’s favourite books – “Dogs” by Matthew Van Fleet. It has a lot of interactive pieces and the dogs are so much fun to look at. Whenever I bring this book out we end up reading it at least 5 times! This was no exception. We also have the Cat version which we read last week but I forgot to take photos of.

I pulled out the dot stickers and Monkey girl had a ball sticking Dots on a “D”.


We also coloured the “Dd is for Ducks” printable from 1+1+1 and made dots on playdough D’s. Big Guy brought up his Dragon collection and we played with those for a while. Monkey girl decided right away that the big red dragon was the small red Dragon’s Momma and wanted little to do with any of the others.

Last but not least, we spent a lot of time in the back yard with Monkey Girl’s new (to her) playhouse. Here she is filling the watering can to water the “Daffodils”. (Paper flowers that I had stuck in the ground.)



We tried a couple of new learning supplies outs. First of all, we coloured ducks with a new set of crayons that I got for Monkey Girl. They are triangle shaped to get kids to use the proper pencil grip. I layed out the crayons and had her choose the one that I called out. She did very well, only mixing up the purple and Blue. Next, we used page protectors and dry erase markers for some of her work sheets. She thought it was great fun to colour them, wipe them off and colour again. I think we’ll be using both of these supplies in the future!

Monkey Girl enjoyed her ducks a lot. She bathed with them, carried them around, took them outside, you name it and ducks were involved. I think I have given her an even bigger love for the feathered friends this week!



Not much learning this day but we did enjoy playing with a foam book from our good friend Leah, called “Foam Friends: Counting Ducks”. It has removeable puzzle pieces that can come out and stand up as you count the Momma duck and her ducklings. Definitely a big hit if you have a duck obsessed toddler!



While Daddy made lunch, we practiced line tracing, sequencing first, next and last and sorting shapes. She had some trouble with the sequencing but at least it kept her interest this week! She is usually keen on tossing them to the side to do more colouring!

Last of all, we played with her letter basket again and added her Dd magnets to the fridge where we have Aa, Bb, and Cc. She loves this part!

That be all for this week! Next week we’ll be moving onto letter Ee!

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4 Responses to Tot School – D’s and d’s and Ducks if you please!

  1. Sara Anderson says:

    This looks like a fun week! I want to start totschool with my two toddlers too. Do you think you could recommend a schedule for me to follow? I like how your little girl seems so engaged.

  2. Sam says:

    Popping in from Tot School! I think we’re pretty close to each other as you mentioned trips to Ottawa, we’re about an hour from Ottawa 🙂

    I love all the duck activities! We’re doing D this week and my daughter just looooves the ducks!

    Now following you 🙂

  3. anneabell says:

    That is really neat that you are so close! We are in Kingston but head to Ottwa fairly often as DH works there sometimes and my uncle lives in the area.

    I hope you have fun with your D’s and I will pop into your blog after the kids get settled tonight. Thanks for following!

  4. Carisa says:

    OH I love seeing her in action! Isn’t it amazing how they will throw something one week and show interest the next? Ladybug amazes me each week with her new loves!

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