Parking it up for Family Day

For family day this week, we headed to Rotary Park. The kids always enjoy visiting this park as it has a lot to offer with a large climber, swings, walking trails, basketball nets, baseball fields, soccer fields, the Bay, indoor bathrooms and picnic tables. It can get to be a pretty happening spot on the weekend, but Monday nights (luckily, the night we chose for family night) are usually pretty free.


Our crew does like the climber and swings but what I love best, is that they always gravitate to the natural aspects of the park. It makes me feel a bit better knowing they get to experience some “country” activities. Growing up in rural NB, running around near rivers, forests and creating my own fun were how I spent my time. While I never want to live in the country again, I would love to get a cottage somewhere so the kids can have those same experiences. It makes me sad that they may never know the joy of creating cabins in the woods out of a few sticks, a nicely placed fallen log and a load of imagination.

With that thought, I shall leave you with Monkey Girl’s most favourite of things… DUCKS!

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