Learning Time – E is for… EVERYTHING (or maybe just eggs)

Tot School

My tot is 22.5 months old.

We focused on the letter Ee this week. Monkey Girl enjoyed herself again as eggs are her next favourite thing after ducks. Of course they relate to ducks so they got a lot of use this week too! All printables come from 1+1+1=1.

Without further adoo –


We used stickers to make “E” and “e” egg cards and added them to Monkey Girl’s letter basket. We do this simple activity every week and Monkey girl loves it very much. All I do is cut out a shape for the letter we are working with and she uses my old scrapbooking stickers to stick upper and lower case Ee’s on the cards. She also is a big fan of her letter flashcards and magnetic letters in the basket and spends 15 to 20 minutes exploring those alone. I usually bring the basket out a few times during the week when I am fixing lunch or helping an older kiddo with homework etc.


Mr. Hockey was home sick (not with the flu, I am pretty sure it was from treat overdose while away on the weekend) and he and Monkey girl had a lot of fun playing with plastic eggs. I had placed an upper case and lower case Ee in each egg, as well as a small card with an egg sticker on it. They took them out and replaced them over and over and over again.

After nap time, I got out the playdough and we made Ee and elephant prints.


We played some more with the Ee eggs. This time I helped her sort them into “Eggs”, “Big E’s” and “Small e’s”. She liked this a lot and we played with them many times throughout the day. I put them on her learning toy shelf and she went back to them over and over thoughout the week.


Next, we did some of her printable pages. We used regular markers first because I am compiling a letter booklet of some of her work for us to review over the summer.


Next I let her use the dry erase markers with page protectors. She did them over and over. Her colouring has been improving every week. Now she tries to colour inside the pictures and even erases mistakes with the dry erase markers.


We had some nice late afternoon fun with her water table as well. I think I would like to get her a new one though, as this one doesn’t hold the water very well. Monkey girl didn’t care though! Water is just fun, no matter how much or how little.


We started our morning with a safari puzzle and the little lacing bear. She was more frustrated with the lacing bear this time because she didn’t want my help. She isn’t quite able to manipulate it while holding it yet.


We also played with her pop up toy. She loves this thing and is making a lion sound in this photo as she makes him pop up.


Monkey Girl did some more printables from 1+1+1 with the page protectors and dry erase markers. She really liked using the vocabulary page and colouring the ones that I called out to her.

She had a lot of fun with the colour page this week. First we coloured all of the nests of eggs different colours. I then made paper eggs of the corresponding colours. I cut them out and layed them in a row. Monkey girl then chose the right coloured egg for each basket. She did very well and was super cute as she looked for the proper nest. She’d wave it over the top of each one until she found the matching colour, then say “YAY EGG!”


Monkey girl also joined Hubbers and Elasto Boy in planting tomatoes and Marigolds in the rock garden.


We did some more dry erase colouring on printables and she played her egg matching game again.


While matching eggs, we took a moment to watch Auntie Leah graduate from university. We couldn’t be there in person, but Mommy was texting with her while we watched it live from the university. Monkey girl was pretty excited to see her on the screen!

After watching the graduation, we went outside for some chalk fun. I drew all of the shapes that we review weekly on the sidewalk. Monkey girl sat and watched me intently. When I finished, I asked her to find me the pink circle, then the yellow rectangle, etc. We then practiced jumping (or taking big steps in her case) from one to another. I must say, we had a lot of fun!

After our shape fun, I thought we could expand our learning to cover the main topics of the week. We talked about colours then I had her choose her two favourites. She chose purple (of course) and blue. I made her a pathway of Ee’s to follow. We did this for a long time. When she got bored, I drew a bunch of eggs in all of the colours of chalk we had while Big Guy took her over to the wing. When she came back, she began placing rocks on them as soon as she saw them yelling “YAY EGG!” every time. Needless to say, chalk learning was a hit!


Our tot school week was just the way i like it – fun an filled with lot’s of engaging learning for my Monkey Girl!

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2 Responses to Learning Time – E is for… EVERYTHING (or maybe just eggs)

  1. Carisa says:

    LOVE IT!!! Your girl reminds me of my own…they would probably love to do their school together-ha ha!

  2. anneabell says:

    Thanks, Carisa! I imagine they would have a blast and I noticed a lot of similarities between Ladybug and Monkey Girl too! I love that she loves to colour – I always did as a child too!

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