Cake and Parenting

This cake was made by my cousin Krissy while she visited last week.

I would love to pretend it was made by me… but well… cooking and me just don’t mix.

Now as you stare at that lovely cake, imagine the excitement of my kids.

Queen Bee “Wow, it’s amazing!”

Mr. Hockey “I can’t beleive you made that!”

Electric Lady “It’s a Masterpeice”

Elastoboy “How did she do that?”

Ever since they saw this cake they have been badgering me to make another.

The only problem is… I know it won’t turn out and I can’t even get Krissy to make one for me because she is gone.

The reason I share this story is just a few moments ago, an angry Electric Lady looks at me and says:

“Do you know what the problem with you is? You can’t make cakes. People who can’t make cakes, well, they have problems. They just aren’t good enough to be someone’s parent. Cakes are made with love, and effort, yes, effort and you need love and effort to be a parent. So that is what is wrong with you and why I am mad at you right now.”

I simply looked at her with a serious look on my face and said “Oh, really? But I thought you were mad at me because I told you not to hit Queen Bee and you did anyway and got in trouble. Curious how that is.”

She looked at me, crossed her arms over her chest and said “You should learn how to make cake.”

So… I geuss I better learn how to make cake or I’ll never be a good mom.

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One Response to Cake and Parenting

  1. You ARE a great mom….
    and I can’t make cake either…remember the castle? lol…..however, I think Electric Lady may have had some feelings stirred up. My parents always forgot all those special kinds of things for my birthday. It’s not the “cake” that’s the issue, it’s that nothing was ever done that was special for those times, so something like a perfect cake may have her remembering how she didn’t have special memories from her birthday. Of course, I’m just speculating given what I remember about my history…ask Sam, he knows if he ever forgets my birthday he’s severely in trouble…the thought of someone who loves me deeply forgetting my birthday after being forgotten for years by my own parents is too much to take. So, I am sure you already know this, but I think her outburst had NOTHING to do with you. It had to do with a void in her past. She’s quite smart to realize that someone making something such as a cake shows love and effort….but we all know cake isn’t the only way to show that…and thank goodness for that or my own kids would be in serious trouble! 😉

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