Tot-School – little of this, little of that

Tot School
My tot is 24 months old.

We’re still not doing much in the way of tot-school but I am getting prepared for the school year. I have lots of ideas – I’ll share them before too long.

However, til then, here are a few of our activities from the past couple of weeks.

Colouring pictures made by Momma and glueing using her sticker and paste Kumon book. (We have done these activities many times, but I have not been pulling my camera out to take pics of learning activities.


Riding in buckets and clothes baskets has been a favourite past time.

Puzzle building happens at least once a day.


Reading books and dressing up are always fun too (or reading books while dressing up too).

We’ve also visited Lemoine’s Point and had fun enjoying nature!

What is even better than enjoying nature? Enjoying it with family members (my cousin) who live far away.

So there you have it – check in with others who are much more organized than me by clicking the tot-school image at the top.

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One Response to Tot-School – little of this, little of that

  1. heartjourney says:

    It’s good to know I’m not the only one that flies by the seat of her pants! 😉 I think some of the best learning happens spontaneously anyway, so don’t feel bad about being less organized than many of the other bloggers. At least, that’s what I tell myself when I feel inadequate. 😉

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