The “I love being a Mom” Swimming Edition

I have a busy house.
Anyone who knows us, would probably say that was an understatement.
Despite our crazy house and at times, disobedient kids, there are plenty of moments where my heart just screams “I love being a Mom!”

One of those moments occurred yesterday as I was driving in the driveway after a trip to the store. I was chased down the street by a caboodle of little girls, only one of which was mine, all waving and smiling. “Hi Anne!” two of the nieghbours girls greeted me excitedly.

I said “Hi!”

Then turned to go inside.
The girls looked a bit dejected and started to walk away. I knew what they had wanted and why they had been so happy to see me. The hot weather has made our house very popular this summer!

I looked over my shoulder and said “You wouldn’t happen to want to go swimming would you?”

Honestly, I wish I had a video of their reaction.
They cheered, yelled, jumped up and down and squealed like only little girls can!
Electric Lady ran up, told me she loves me and kissed me on the cheek before running off to find her bathing suit.

Ah. That nice “I love being a Mom” feeling washed over me.
And then… we went swimming! (Joined by the boys too, of course)



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