Tot-School – Catching Up the Letter “Gg”

Tot School
My tot is 25 months old.

We did the letter Gg at the end of June during the last week of our kids school. As we are gearing up for them to head back to school and me to start real tot-school again, I thought I should catch my blog up. It also helps that I managed to get my old pictures off my broken camera! I like to go back over my past totschool posts to help remember activities and ideas that Monkey Girl enjoyed and I plan to carry on with the alphabet in September, so I just can’t leave out the letter Gg!

We worked on Gg printables from 1+1+1=1 and Monkey Girl enjoyed cleaning her page protectors with baby wipes.


Puzzle building and Dora colouring also worked themselves in from her toy shelves.

We placed upper and lower case G’s on Goat cards and played with the items in Monkey Girls letter basket.


We took our learning outside and coloured shapes. Monkey Girl loved playing with a pretend camera and taking photos just like Momma does.


We made “Gg’s” out of rocks in the sand at the park.

Last of all, I made “Gg’s” out of masking tape and we painted them. They looked really neat when we later pulled the tape off. We also used see through river rocks for counting practice. This was one of Monkey Girl’s favourite activities.


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