Excitement ALL Around

These past 3-4 months have been really difficult on our family.

We began to realize that we are not the family for Queen Bee – we can’t meet her very high needs with already having two kiddos with ADHD and attachment difficulties. We love her and we care about her very much, but we just are not the right family environment. She needs more one on one time than we can give her and is overly competitive with the other kids.

Once we made this decision, something amazing happened! A lovely family from right in our own neighbourhood applied for adoption and were provided with Queen Bee’s profile. They liked what they heard and asked to meet her. They fell in love and are ADOPTING her! This has been an answer to prayer as well as a confirmation that we did the right thing. She even gets to stay at the same school!
When Queen Bee moved in last summer, we knew it would be difficult but really felt God pushing us to say yes. After such a hard year, we began to question if we heard wrong but when an adoptive family was found so soon after we told CAS we could not continue fostering Queen Bee, we knew it was his plan. Last year this time, Queen Bee’s new family would not have been ready for her. God is always in control!

On top of all this…. big news at our house too…

We’re Adopting Electric Lady! And because of that, I can now show off her beautiful face on here.

We have been wanting to do this for a long time now, but because of things beyond any of our control, haven’t been able to. Now it has happened rather suddenly (more suddenly than we were ready for, actually) but the light on her face when her social worker told her the good news was totally worth it. The hugs, the smiles, the excitement that lived on her face made my day.

Here she is on our way to get Icecream, shortly after she found out the good news. I love this picture because this is the most genuine smile I have a picture of. Usually her eyes don’t light up like that and you can tell she’s smiling for show. But this smile went further than just the edges of her mouth.

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One Response to Excitement ALL Around

  1. Gina says:

    this is SO wonderful!! Thanks for sharing such great news!

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