10 Things – Significant Events

I was looking through some of Elasto-Boy’s things today as we are playing musical bedrooms and found a book he got a few years ago from camp. It was basically a Bible devotional but it had lists inside of it like “10 significant events in your life” and things like that so I thought it might be fun to make some 10 thing lists myself. For the next while, I’ll be popping in periodicly to do just that.

Today? Let’s start with the significant events one – disclaimer: there are more than 10 significant events in my life so if I don’t mention one that you think I should… well sorry, we all know I have the memory of a goldfish!

10 Significant Events (In no particular order than the order they came to my brain)

1. Getting Married to Hubbers in my pajamas of all things.

2. Adopting Elasto-Boy.

3. Adopting Mr. Hockey

4. Giving Birth to Monkey Girl

5. Becoming a foster mom and having our first “real” foster child place with us (Big Guy)

6. Finding out I was pregnant for the first time, then a few weeks later, miscarrying. Still one of the more painful things to explore in my memory.

7. Telling Electric Lady we are adopting her after 3 years of uncertaintly.

8. Being taught to drive by my step-dad Brian – A great bonding experience with a wonderful man and what a world of freedom that opened up to this shy, naive country girl.

9. My Grandmother dieing when I was 13 – first experience of a major loss and to my mother figure at that.

10. Being in a house fire just before I turned 3 – I can’t believe I can even remember that night as I was so young.

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