Tot School – Hh is for Hammer, Hands and Happy little girls

Tot School
My tot is 26 months old

Monkey Girl and I had a fun week – she was very into her printables form 1+1+1=1 and was totally loving the fact that I changed all her shelf toys. I hadn’t changed them all at once since June. She was in toddler heaven on Monday morning.

Scooping heart and circle foam pieces with a melon baller.


Building her farm sound puzzle from Melissa an Doug and helping Noah hammer his ark – or maybe just peaking in the door to see what’s up.


SOrting shapes in the shape sorter. She has become very good at doing this and loves to place them in over and over again.

We did lot’s of colouring the letter Hh. Monkey girl amazed me with her tracing abilities again. Mr. Hockey was quite helpful with teaching the sound for Hh as well. Monkey Girl loves it when the big kids join us.



On Tuesday we played with her scooping activity again. She really loves this simple task.

We also did more printable work – but this time with dry erase markers. Monkey girl is a fan of cleaning them off when she is done colouring.


We also played with the Hammer 3 peice puzzle. Usually Monkey girl has zero interest in the puzzle but this time, I added glue. That made all the difference in the world. After the puzzle, I brought out the lacing card – she is saying “Pull, Pull, Pull” in the photo.


Last, but definitly not least, we made Monkey Girl’s sticker cards and added them to her letter basket. She loves this part – I think it is always her very favourite activity of the week. I asked her to show me the small “h” in the photo of Monkey Girl and her letter basket.


On Wednesday we took a trip to the park but I couldn’t find my camera so no pictures of that. We did the colour printable by simply colouring each of the hammers, went over the vocabulary cards and used dry erase markers to trace lines and Hh’s. I also made her a sensory bin with salt in it to practice more pouring and scooping. We made the letter Hh in it with our fingers for good measure.  Of course… my camera was still missing.

I finally found it near the end of our playtime and managed to catch a photo of my girl and her Dora sticker scene.

On Thursday we started with reading books. (Pretty much a daily occurance around here but I don’t usually grab a photo.)

Next, we worked on shapes. I definitely need to work on pencil grip with her but she did well with colouring the shapes I called out.

We also worked on sequencing and shadow matching. With the sequencing I tried making a template and having her use glue to place the cards in the right order. It was a hit. She had a very hard time with the shadow matching. I think we’ll skip it for the next few weeks.


Monkey Girl really enjoyed making this letter Hh tree to celebrate fall.


We used the Starfall app on the Ipad to learn about the letter Hh (and many more, because you can’t just pull it out for one letter).

While I made lunch, Monkey Girl played with her finger puppets and letter basket. I tried to convince her to do so on the floor, but she insisted in sitting in her high chair – I really don’t keep her trapped in there all the time!



We didn’t do any learning activities on Friday as Queen Bee was moving to her new home and all the kids were on a P.A. Day so no school!

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5 Responses to Tot School – Hh is for Hammer, Hands and Happy little girls

  1. She is so awesome at tracing! 🙂 We love Starfall around here too!

  2. I second that – she is awesome at tracing! And love the comment about not keeping her in highchair all the time. My 2 year old is into his chair lately…probably because he figures a fun activity or food will go along with it!

  3. Linda says:

    I love rotating toys and seeing the excited faces 🙂 Looks like a way fun week!

  4. anneabell says:

    Thanks folks -Tracing is one of her favourite activities. I used to always trace them for her and one day she just started doing it on her own – I was surprised. Now if only we could get her to talk=p

  5. Debbie says:

    Looks like great fun this week. My little ones love the dry erase markers too, and think cleaning is the best part 🙂 Hope you’re having a great new week in tot school.

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