A Year of Fancy Creations

We have a blank wall at the top of the stairs that lead up from the rec-room and the boys rooms. I got a brilliant idea last fall to turn it into our own personal art gallery. I carefully choose the kids artwork from both home and school to place there. The kids enjoy seeing their creations displayed where everyone else can see them too. (It is in view of both the front door and the doors leading onto our deck).

Since we have now began over again with September artwork once again, I thought it might be nice to put them all in a tidy blog post. My kids don’t regularly read my blog, but sometimes I read them specific posts that pertain to them or funny stories I wrote about events. They are big fans of the gardening one!

Without further Ado –

September/October 2010

Monkey Girl’s first painting is next to the two cars
Mr. Hockey was so very proud of his owl drawing
The kids all had a blast doing the colourful sunset paintings and I have to admit, I think they will be all-time favourites!

November/December 2010

Elasto-Boy gave the painting of the barn to me for Christmas and was very proud of his finished product. He also made quite the mess with the splatter Christmas painting by blowing the ink out of old markers but it did turn out very nifty!
Electric lady really enjoyed making the snowman family at the bottom.

January/February 2011

Electric Lady painstakingly traced and then outlined all the hearts in the top Valentine’s picture. She spent hours on it.
Mr. Hockey proudly showed off his Hockey Goalie to anyone who would take a moment to look. He claimed it was his best drawing ever.

March/April 2011

Monkey Girl and Daddy made the cute feathered duck at the bottom and she was so very excited to show it to me when I came home from a Children’s Aid Society training session.
Elasto-Boy made many sketches like the pencil drawing of the boy but wanted to keep most for himself. He is really getting good at drawing!
All the eggs are from our countdown to Easter. I had each of the kids decorate 12 eggs to the best of their ability.

May/June 2011
Elasto-Boy’s cartoon drawing of Hubbers was a bit favourite amongst people taking a peek at our wall of art.
Mr. Hockey created the mystical beast in school. He really enjoyed creating a few more too!
Monkey Girl giggled and carried around the caterpillar in the middle of the wall for a whole day after we made it during her totschool time.

July/August 2011

Electric Lady really throws herself into her artwork when she focuses and the flowers in the middle and rainbow at the bottom are two lovely examples of how creative she really is.
I really adore Mr. Hockey and Elastoboy’s abstract art. I think it is super neat that Mr. Hockey’s looks like a person’s head!

I do have their artwork hanging in other places too – our kitchen window is another main place for paintings and drawings – the ones pictured above are just the ones I like the best.

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