Tot School – Ii is for Igloos (or Ih’OOOs as some of us like to call them)

Tot School
My tot is 26 months old.

We had a really great week – much better than I expected. I was a bit apprehensive about doing a winter theme with the fall season just staring last week but it really did sink in.

We started Monday with a trip down to feed the ducks with Leah. This is always a favourite activity for Monkey Girl. She did very well at pulling small pieces off her bread to throw in the water… until she got excited and threw a whole slice in!


After coming home, we dove into colouring some of the letter Ii printables from 1+1+1=1. Monkey girl picked up on the word Igloo right away and it became one of her favourites. She came to me many times over the week asking for her “Ih’OOOs”.


We also used the phonics fridge magnets to reinforce the sound Ii makes.

We also did some book reading – We actually read so many books this day that I think I lost count. I love the picture with Big Guy and Monkey Girl sharing the “Piggies” book. She was relaxing after a hard day of play.


Tuesday was a big learning day. We did a lot of printables with dry erase markers – Colouring the letter Il and an Igloo, Tracing between igloos, and making lines.


We worked on shapes too. I have also decided to work on pencil grip during shape time because she already finds shapes fairly easy. As she gets the hang of it, I’ll start encouraging her to hold her writing utensils the proper way all of the time.

Monkey girl coloured her shapes (with some Momma help) and then I drew one of each and she matched it up while trying to say the name.


We made Monkey Girl’s sticker cards with Big I’s and little i’s then had some fun exploring her letter basket.



Monkey Girl added her Ii magnetic letters to the fridge and we sang the alphabet song up to Ii. She repeated this a few times!

We had fun outside with chalk and swinging too!

She was very pleased with my drawings of us all dressed up for winter!

Monkey Girl’s shelf toys got a lot of play this week, though I don’t have photos of every playtime. She did enjoy her number puzzle and patterning blocks a lot though!

I decided to change things up on Wednesday with starting with some sensory fun. I used cornstarch and water to create a white-as-snow environment. First I made Ii tracings with my finger and Monkey Girl traced them with her finger.

Next, I  added an empty fruit cup with a whole cut in it for an igloo and a bear and moose figurine to encourage imaginative play. We poured on the water and then got to playing. We had a lot of fun getting the animals all snowy an then taking them swimming to clean off before they went to bed in the igloo!


We used dobbers to find Ii’s, count igloos and trace the letter Ii.


Next we worked on colours. Since Monkey Girl is so good at pointing them out and we need to work more on her speech, I thought of a pretty easy little rienforcer – have her say the colour word, earn a sticker to place on her igloo card (shadow matching igloo). She was pretty pleased with this game and did very well naming her colours.


Our shelf toys got more play too – we enjoyed a winter sensory bin (just foam snowflakes, torn paper, blue, black and white pompom’s and some winter animals) and her magnetic writer.


Last we did some art with sandpaper. I cut out the letter Ii an taped it to her tray. She traced the letter with her fingers then we put paper on top and coloured it with crayons. She found this quite fun. We also did one with a tree I drew on it and sandpaper leaves underneath but I forgot to take pictures.


Thursday was a busy day so we didn’t get to much tot school. We started off with a visit to the Humane Society to see the kittens and pick up volunteer info for Big Guy. Monkey Girl loved meowing at the kitties.

Then headed home to play with the shelf toys before lunch.

We had a lot of fun stacking, counting and building roads out of these old Jenga Extreme blocks.


We found and circled her vocaulary words with dry erase markers.

We then practiced getting ready for winter with hats, mittens, vests and boots. (Pretty important skill here in Canada!) This was an activity on her shelf but she really didn’t have any interest until I showed her the vocabulary cards.


Last, but far from least, remember that trip to the Humane Society? Well we fell in love with an adoreable little black kitty and sent Daddy over to check her out. He liked her too and brought her home! Monkey girl enjoyed reading her Dora book to the kitty (Parker) and giving her handfulls of food. Please excuse Monkey Girl’s very messy room. We are in the middle of switching everyone between rooms and our house is kind of chaotic right now.


Friday was a low key day. We coloured Ii pictures and did sequencing Big, Medium and Small. We repeated last weeks activity of glueing the pieces which Monkey Girl enjoyed.


We also played with her colour cards again. This time I layed them out and had her find the colour I called out and say it’s name. She did very well and earned many stickers. We then repeated the activity with her vocabulary cards.


We ended our totschool week with reviewing the letter basket and making playdough snails. (I wanted to make Ii’s, but she was pretty set on snails, so that’s what we did=)


There you have it – our week with Ii’s and igloos. Next week, we’ll be doing Thanksgiving (it’s on October 10th here in Canada).
To see what others did this week, click on the totschool button at the top of the post.

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6 Responses to Tot School – Ii is for Igloos (or Ih’OOOs as some of us like to call them)

  1. Thank you for stopping by at I enjoyed reading about your week with your beautiful tot! I have a 22 month old who loves doing school stuff too!!!

  2. Linda says:

    I am constantly amazed at your little one’s coordination with coloring and tracing, she is awesome! Congratulations on the new pet 🙂 We are not that brave yet, I told my husband I need to finish potty training kids before I can worry about potty training pets! Someday though!!

  3. Debbie says:

    What a fun week 🙂 I love your sensory activities, that’s something I haven’t done with the kiddos yet (a sensory bin), but I see so many great ideas. I’ve got to get working on that, I’m sure they’d enjoy it.

    Thanks for stopping by our blog. My Emma loves doing the worksheets/printables as well, she could sit at the table for hours if I let her. Jacob on the other hand, was my reason for starting to integrate more tot trays, ha! He would just crinkle up the printables and my laminating budget would cringe ;-p It wasn’t his thing, but he loves the trays. They all learn differently – thank goodness for all the amazing ideas out there!

  4. Sara says:

    Oh my! This looks like so much fun. I will have to try out these activities too!

  5. anneabell says:

    Thanks for all the comments folks. We had a lot of fun with winter activities.

  6. Jenny says:

    You guys were busy learning this week! I’m surprised how well you little one handles her crayons too. My little boy is 28 months old and still coloring in big circles. I also loved the idea of giving stickers as rewards when they get an answer right. What a great idea. Going to be trying that with my little boy.

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