10 Things I do when I am bored

For my 10 things this week… I thought I’d be a bit sillier. And since I am currently bored (can you believe it with this busy place?) what better topic than boredom?

1. Post on my blog.

2. Read other people’s blogs.

3. Close my eyes and daydream about favourite TV shows and what I’d like to see happen. (Hey… we all have our little escapes!)
4. Tidy or declutter some small area that rarely gets touched.

5. Say something random to Big Guy and then let him ramble… and ramble… and ramble.

6. Ask one of the kids to paint with me. (This doesn’t work at 11pm)

7. Take pictures of myself or with my kids… like this:

8. Go for a walk.

9. Make a schedule that I know we’ll never follow but have high hopes that maybe this time we will!

10. Go to bed early, or in the afternoon, take a nap with Monkey Girl.

Disclaimer: I don’t get bored often, and I really should be enjoying this downtime but I really hate having nothing to do. I am sure on my next hectic day, I’ll be wanting to come back to this state of boredom.

Thought: You know… I really should add read my Bible to this list of things to do when bored… hmmm I’ll have to keep that one in mind and at the top of the list! I know I definitely don’t do that nearly enough!

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One Response to 10 Things I do when I am bored

  1. It’s funny when I have down time I want to post and read blogs too… I try to read my bbible but am so bad about doing it… why is it we have such a hard time remembering to put Him first? If you are ever “bored” again you can try reading this blog its like a daily devotional :O)
    Christina visiting from http://www.worldgoneblue.blogspot.com
    P.S. Your little girl is adorable!!!! I love the playroom you have set up for her!

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