Tot-School – Thanks for Thanksgiving!

Tot School
My tot is 26.5 months old.

It is our Canadian Thanksgiving tomorrow so I decided to take a break from letter activities to do fun Thanksgiving theme. I got my printables from 1+1+1=1 and Confessions of a Homeschooler as well as one other site that I sadly thought I had bookmarked but apparently didn’t!

On Monday, we started off with playing in the leaves. It was a beautiful crisp morning and she had a ball throwing the leaves around. Not many are on the ground yet, but just enough for a tot to have fun!


We then came inside and counted bat gel clings that I picked up from our grocery stores dollar section. We counted them and then sorted based on big and little.

We did a colour by number turkey. I outlined all the areas the colour they should be coloured. Next we coloured turkeys different colours. Monkey girl worked at her colouring for 45 minutes straight.

We also started doing calendar this week. Monkey Girl absolutely adores this time. We have also included her big sister, Electric Lady, in this as she still has a difficult time with the passage of time. This is a photo of Monkey girl tracing the letters of her name with her finger. I’ll be sharing more about calendar time next week and how it works therapeutically for our 9 year old as well as 2 year old.

On Tuesday we made a Thanksgiving wreath. First we sorted the leaves according to colour, then glued them around a pice of paper I had cut into the shape of a wreath. We also talked about fall and how Thanksgiving was a part of fall. I tried to explain it in a 2 year old way… what she picked up on? You eat yummy food on Thanksgiving! When Hubbers came home and asked her what Thanksgiving was, her response was “YUM!” Very cute!

Wednesday was a busy day – we did some shopping for Thanksgiving and some other things we needed and then took Mr. Hockey out for lunch so not much Tot School time. We did manage to find the time to sort food and people, colour a cornucopia and make a Thanksgiving book. Monkey Girl loved this book and shared it with Daddy and Big Guy quite a few times over the rest of the week.

On Thursday, I picked up some decorative ABC flatblocks and Monkey Girl and I had fun sorting them. We sorted by colour and then , since there was 2 of each letter, matched up the letters we have covered so far. We then used some fall stickers that we picked up from Michaels to make a fall scene. i drew and coloured it and then she added the stickers. She found this activity quite engaging and even better, used lots of words when describing her stickers.

We also did some pumpkin sheets – counting out pumpkin seeds and sorting big, medium and small pumpkins. She enjoyed both of these activities and they were just challenging enough to stimulate her, yet not so challenging that she got frustrated. I think we’ll add something similar into our weekly letter themes.

Friday was our busiest day. Monkey Girl was up at 3:30 and never went back to sleep… which means I was too! I was dead tired and knew that if I sunk into the couch for a Dora or relaxed to catch my breath that I’d be done for so I pushed on, doing more and more. It worked out nicely, giving us both a clean house and educated tot!
First, we painted Thanksgiving, then I asked her what she was thankful for. Of course, she said “Kitty Cat!” I drew one for her to colour and paint too!


Next, we pulled little clothespins off a tree branch (she still can’t squeeze them to open them very well), and then sorted them into ducks, leaves, flowers and clouds. 

We sorted pumpkins by size again, then glued pumpkin numbers on a peice of paper that I had numbered from 1 to 10.

We ended our morning activities (Thank goodness for lunch and naptime) with Dora colouring and making a pony bead necklace.

Last, I wanted to share our calendar wall – we can easily take the calendar down to work with it on the floor – which is what we do, everyday when Electric Lady gets home from school. I also got Hubbers to string some fishing line above the calendar so we can display her weekly work. She just loves it when I add her work to it and beams with pride when the bigger kids notice her new stuff.

I hope you enjoyed of Thanksgiving week! Next week, we are back to letter with Jj.
Click the Tot School icon at the top to see what other tots have been up to this week.

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3 Responses to Tot-School – Thanks for Thanksgiving!

  1. Amanda says:

    Hi- Thanks for visiting our blog! I got our BambinoLuk game from Timberdoodle since it was part of their Toddler/Preschool Core Curriculum and they recommend 2-5 years old. There’s a MiniLuk that’s meant for K-3rd grade as well. It’s perfect for my son right now- the logic puzzles are challenging but not frustrating for him. We use it about once a week and he always enjoys it!

    I love your calendar– where did you find it? I like the weather wheel and seasons chart– those are things I’d like to incorporate better in our tot school.

  2. Linda says:

    Looks like such a fun week. I love your calendar wall and your place to display her work! I also really liked how you outlined her coloring sheet so she knew which color to use. I’m going to try that with my little one!

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