Painting Pumpkins


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I stumbled across this awesome pumpkin painting idea… tho I don’t remember where. This is beginning to become a theme. I think it may be time to dig my feet into pinterest!

When I saw them, I just knew that I needed to make them with the kids.

On the first night, I showed them how to draw pumpkins and then outline the shape with white glue. Electric Lady chose not to do her drawing the same as mine, but that is just fine. I actually prefer when they get creative on their own! It was really important to take our time when outlining the pumpkins as the glue with ball up if we went too fast. We then let them sit on the counter to dry for the night.

Next, I had them use a sharpie permanent marker to outline the glue. This was a bit tricky for Mr. Hockey as his penmanship is not the greatest but I think he did a nice job.

Next I pulled out the water colour paints and we got busy painting them. The white worked nicely to outline the pumpkins. The kids really seemed to enjoy this project and were super excited when I posted them on the wall.


Monkey girl joined us for the painting part. I just drew her two pumpkins and she painted them. She didn’t seem to mind that they were a bit different from the bigger two.

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One Response to Painting Pumpkins

  1. How neat…and I love the pic of your little one painting…future artist!

    Thanks for linking up at Adventures In Mommy Land!!

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