Applicious sandpaper apples

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I saw a neat sandpaper apple craft on Play At Home Moms and decided to try it out. This is a really neat website by the way with the whole concept behind it being to play one on one with your kiddos AND let them lead the play. I know I have a hard time with this, but am trying to get better, it is just so easy to want to take control!

I cut out the shape of an apple and had Monkey Girl colour it. I helped her out because she didn’t always colour dark enough.


Next I placed the apple face down on a peice of white computer paper and covered it with a dish towel. I then used a hot iron on the back for approximately 30 seconds.

This was the result! I probably should have gone for longer than 30 seconds, but either way, I think it turned out pretty neat!

Mr. Hockey came out while I was finishing up with Monkey Girl and then made one too, though focused on fall shapes (hockey stick, leaf, acorn) instead but I had misplaced my camera so didn’t get any photos of him in action. This is his final result.

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3 Responses to Applicious sandpaper apples

  1. Oh this is a fantastic idea! Very original!

  2. That is cute! Have you tried the sandpaper iron on t shirt idea? Same concept- color on sandpaper (fine grit is better) and then iron it on a t shirt. My kids loved doing it.

    Thanks for linking up to Hey Mom, Look What I Did!!!

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