Totschool – Jumping Jellyfish, it’s the letter Jj

Tot School

My tot is 26.5 months old.

Letter Jj was on the menu this week. I went with the Ocean theme on her vocabulary cards and we had a lot of fun.

Monday was Thanksgiving so we didn’t do any totschool but did have a fun time with family and friends. We did get to go to the park and enjoy the wonderful weekend weather – felt like summer in the middle of October!

I decided to try something new this week and made some little “tot tray” sort of ideas by placing learning toys/games in flat bins from one of the kids old IKEA shelves.

On Tuesday, we used one of the trays. It was made up of some interesting pieces from our marble run toy. Monkey girl enjoyed it quite a bit and really wanted to see how it worked.

We also made her Jj is for Jellyfish sticker cards and explored her letter basket.


We finished off the morning by adding her Jj magnets to the fridge and singing the alphabet up to that point while pointing at the letters. Monkey girl will pull the chair up to the fridge quite often during the week and sing her ABC’s. She’s really taken a big interest in this activity recently.

On Wednesday we didn’t have anything planned for the morning so did LOT’S of learning activities. Monkey girl loves this stuff! We have moved to her green table and playroom for most of the activities and are finding it quite easy to change between activities unlike previous weeks where we would be in the high chair simply colouring for ages and ages every day.

We started with reading some ocean books that I had placed in one of her trays. She loved one about whales and the two “Rainbow Fish” ones I found.

Next we moved onto making an ocean scene with some old “Rainbow Fish” stickers that used to belong to Mr. Hockey. I glued two pieces of construction paper together and drew some green seaweed on the ground and let Monkey Girl go to town. As the “Sticker Queen” she had a ball!

Next we used her letter Jj printables from 1+1+1=1. She coloured Jj pictures, traced the ltter Jj and then found crescents on a Jellyfish.

We took a break and had a Birthday party for some of her little toys using her Melissa and Doug Birthday Cake set from her learning toy shelves.

We then came back to the table to use dry erase markers on some of the Jj printables. When Monkey Girl tired of that activity, we played with her magnetic fish puzzle.

Then took a break to snuggle a kitty…

And went outside to JUMP on chalk drawn Jj’s and enjoy the fresh air before it rained. (My girl is a goofball!)

On Thursday, we played with one of her trays that I had filled with playdough and ocean cookie cutters.

We had more fun with dry erase markers and totschool printables. She coloured a jellyfish and traced lines. (Or more like coloured them this time)

She also did her shapes by colouring the ones I called out to her. We then worked on colouring her jellyfish with crayons.

After we finished colouring the jellyfish, I cut them out and “hid” them in the ocean. (A sensory bin I made with blue coloured macaroni, a piece of coral, fish toys, a shark, a duck and a couple of measuring cups.) Monkey girl’s job was to find the specific coloured jellyfish that Mr. Shark wanted to eat for lunch before he did. She LOVED this game and we have played it a few times since.

However… this was the mess I found when I went to answer the phone. Oh the fun of toddlers! She did help me clean it up afterwards though.

On Friday Monkey Girl played with the marble run again.

We also had fun outside. We have quite a collection of pumpkins – My uncle brought us some from his garden when they came for Thanksgiving. However, Hubbers had already bought some from Mr. Hockey’s hockey fundraiser. Monkey Girl quite loves to sit on them and roll them around. She also has begun to use the big girl swing some of the time and is quite proud of herself.

We came inside and made a Jj is for Jellyfish painting. I used crayons to draw from small j’s all over the paper and some seaweed on the bottom. I then had Monkey girl scribble on the tops of the j’s to turn them into jellyfish. I then gave her some water colour paints and she went to town painting the ocean. It turned out pretty cute.

And there you have it… our busy ocean week with the letter Jj!
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4 Responses to Totschool – Jumping Jellyfish, it’s the letter Jj

  1. Kalista says:

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂

    Your little girl is so sweet! I love the alphabet magnet idea…I might have to do that! And the macaroni ocean is TOO cute!!! I kind of want to do an Under the Sea theme next week now! 🙂

  2. Kate says:

    Looks like a fun week!

  3. Linda says:

    Oh I love your jellyfish and Mr. Shark game, how fun! And I can’t wait to bring out the marble run for my little one but I think my stress can’t handle that until his little brother stops eating everything. Another few months for us but glad your little one had fun with hers!

    • anneabell says:

      I can totally understand your stress with little items. When Monkey Girl was younger, she put everything in her mouth too and with 2 older boys who love Legos, they constantly had me on my toes. I am so happy to be past that stage!

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