Something Special – Elastoboy and Monkey Girl

Elastoboy and Monkey Girl have always had a special relationship, right from the get go.

Now, he doesn’t ALWAYS want her to go in his room, and he doesn’t ALWAYS want to colour for hours, nor does he like it when she wants to be near while he’s creating something cool… but he tolerates it anyway.

But he DOES always love her, always treat her right, always makes time and is forever her protector and big brother.

I love the relationship between these two. I was worried the age difference might cause a problem, but it has worked out wonderfully and her cherishes her as much as she adores him.

These two really talk to my heart about the relationship between a big brother and baby sister. I hope they keep this special relationship growing all throughout their lives.

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2 Responses to Something Special – Elastoboy and Monkey Girl

  1. So sweet. 🙂 How lucky they are to have each other.

  2. karlamcurry says:

    How precious! My kids ARE close in age, but of course there are days when they just aren’t getting along. When they DO, however, it’s the sweetest thing – working together to build something, strategizing, cooperating, laughing together at a shared joke. Makes me nervous about when they’re teenagers. 🙂

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