Musical Rooms – Playroom

We’ve been changing around our house a lot since Queen Bee moved out. Elastoboy got his own room, Electric Lady moved to the smaller room downstairs, and Mr. hockey moved upstairs to the biggest room as he’ll have to share when we have a new foster child move in. We are not quite done every room, but I wanted to share one we do have done now. Soon I’ll be sharing Elastoboy’s bedroom and our Living Room which are also all done but for now – the playroom! This is mostly Monkey Girl’s domain, but the older kids sometimes draw or play with toys here too.

This is the view looking down from the kitchen. You can see Elastoboy’s bedroom door at the back wall and the patio doors leading to the backyard, deck and pool area at the side. The opening just past the calendar is the hall to the little bathroom and entryway. I love having our playroom here in an open concept house because it makes it so east to keep an eye on Monkey Girl as she plays.

This is where we do her colouring, art, stickers etc. The green table works nicely as it is big enough for the older kids to colour at too! I keep all our totschool supplies that we use daily on the orange shelf, as well as our CD player. The small brown shelf is where I put her weekly learning toys. I change them about once a week, but usually leave the basket of books to be changed monthly. You can see our kitchen (and recycling bins) in the background.

We keep the toys that don’t change often like little people, wooden blocks, Train tracks (which Mr. Hockey and Electric Lady still love) Duplo, toy matchbox cars, play food and baby dolls in the stair-step shelf. We keep all of Monkey Girl’s most played with stuffed toys in the back of the cozy-coup shopping cart. (They change frequently). The green bins of the white shelf hold Monkey Girl’s weekly tot-trays and the pink shelf holds all our favourite puzzles. We keep our car mat in front of the shelves.

The last side of the room has our play kitchen in the corner, a bin of rubber ducks and the bookshelf we use for Monkey Girl’s bigger books on the left side of the doorway tot he entryway. On the right side is our “finished projects” area, the calendar board which is removeable so we can take it down and manipulate it and a big poster of numbers which we count a few times a week. 

There you have it, our finished “Little Playroom” as the kids call it. We have a larger playroom with Lego, board games, barbies and the X-Box, Kids TV and DVD’s in the basement. Monkey girl is not allowed down there which is why we’ve mostly dedicated this room to her.

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One Response to Musical Rooms – Playroom

  1. karlamcurry says:

    What a nice space! I don’t have any room dedicated to playing, and since we spend most of our time in the living room I have toys, books and puzzles on a shelf in there. Each of the kids has some things in his or her room, but I have often thought it would be nice to have ONE room for stuff. (pause) Although it may make me feel like I have to fill it up. 🙂

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