Courageous Pumpkin Carving

Why do I call this Courageous Pumpkin Carving?


For the first year ever, all three of our middle kids were armed with a knife to carve their own pumpkin. I wasn’t too worried about Elastoboy as he’s got a pretty steady hand and is more sensible with very dangerous objects (like a knife) and he had already carved his own last year but Mr. Hockey, who is about a clumsy as you can get, and Electric Lady who is a bit on the flighty and impulsive side, had me wanting to nibble my fingernails.

Comments like the following didn’t help my nerves:
“Mom, if I chop off my finger, do you think it’ll grow back?” – Mr. Hockey

“STABBING PUMPKINS IS SO FUN, is so fun, IS SO FUN. Stabbing Pumpkins is so fun, I’d like to stab something else!” – Elastoboy while singing a song.

“Is this how you hold a knife?…. Oh you mean like this?…. what if I held the sharp side instead of the handle? What would happen then?” – Electric Lady

As the night progressed, we started with some interesting “Pumkin Drumming” while we waited for Hubbers and Electric Lady to return from her skating lessons.
Disclaimer: The antics of a 12, 10 and 2 year old can be quite entertaining, yet mind numbing as well.  If your brain seems a little slow on the uptake after watching this video, I cannot be held accountable.

Then we got very gooey with pumpkin seeds. Monkey Girl was rather frightened of the goo and wouldn’t touch it with a 10 foot pole! She did wash the pumpkin with a cloth while Daddy scooped the goop! Electric Lady wasn’t a fan either, but did stick to it and clean that pumpkin out!


Next we designed faces and cut them out. Monkey Girl drew her own face and I did the cutting but the others were totally responsible for their own pumpkins – Even though the way Electric Lady held the knife made me quite nervous!


I love this picture of everyone carving their pumpinks (and Monkey Girl’s finished masterpiece at the side) because everyone was so into their project and all you could hear was the scratch, scratch, scratch sound of the knives on the pumpkins.

I am happy to say that nobody lost any limbs, or even digits and they felt quite proud of their accomplishments.  (Electric Lady did not want a picture of her and her final project which is why she is missing from this group of photots.)


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2 Responses to Courageous Pumpkin Carving

  1. The comments from the kiddos are TOO funny! I’ve been meaning to comment back and tell you that for verse memorization, I try to say it with her in the morning and in the evening (and sometimes randomly if I remember). I pick relatively short verses that apply to our life, our first was “A soft answer turns away wrath.” and it was great to use when she was screaming just to hear herself (which she’s prone to do. :)) After a few times she knew it. Her memorization amazes me, but I think it’s because they don’t have other things (like fear, lack of confidence, etc) clouding their mind. She also knows the pledge of allegiance and the Our Father. Those of course took longer, but she now says them by herself in the mornings (most times I hear “wanna say it by myself” if I try to chime in!). Hope that helps! It’s just something we added to the routine and after a few days she picked up on it!

  2. Gina says:

    LOVE this post! The video had me truly laughing out loud and Piper asked to watch it a second time! Haha! What wacky and wonderful kids you have!

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