Totschool – The letter Kk and Halloween Too!

Tot School
My tot is 27 months old.

We did Halloween and the letter Kk this week. The theme with our printables as Keys and household items so I figured we could squeeze Halloween fun in too, as we’d be away next week.

Monday’s fun included our beading set made by Imagine. We started with beading them and then played a bit of a matching with the cute little animal heads.

Playing with Pumpkins from her tot trays was a favourite activity. We counted them and then put them in the trays. Monkey Girl also loved her wooden stacking rings from IKEA.

I had also placed our Cheerio book in one tray and a bunch of Halloween books in another. Monkey girl took to them right away.

We finished the morning off with exploring the letter Kk with the letter basket and placing Kk stickers on cards placed like keys.

On Tuesday we played with the stacking rings and Halloween books again. She especially liked the “Monster Mash” book I had picked up from Hallmark. She’s dance and jump around whenever I’d press the musical buttons.

We used the calendar setup – though haven’t been as regular with it as I’d like. All the busy-ness has been keeping us on our toes. I am hoping to get a good calendar routine going on when I get back to Kingston.

We used her Kk printables from 1+1+1=1. Monkey girl especially loved using her new dot markers on them this week. We also made a Halloween sticker scene from stickers I picked up from Micheals.

We started off Wednesday with using the Pumpkin Printables from a few weeks ago (from 1+1+1=1). She is very into sorting by size and counting these days so we have shifted a bit from colours and shapes which she is pretty good with.

We also used the ABC’s on the fridge. She just loves pointing to each letter as we sing the words.

Thursday was another short day for tot-school activities. We read some books (upside down, even) and placed cheerios in the cheerio book.

We counted to 10 using the number printables from the Kk is for Keys unit.

Monkey girl had fun decorating her brother (who’s name starts with Jj from last weeks letter) and a good friend of ours, who’s name happens to start with Kk for Halloween. This was definitely a favourite for the week!

Friday was a full morning of learning activities. Monkey girl was very into her printables. She traced her lines from K to k and coloured household items as I called them out with dry erase markers.

We also coloured shapes and traced the letter Kk.

Monkey Girl brought out her stacking rings again – she just loved this toy this week. We worked on sizing with it, which is why I think it was such a big hit. Her new words these days are “That’s Little” and “That’s Big.” We also used her dressup bin a bit and she had fun pretending to dress up as a princess for Halloween.

Last, we finished off the morning with placing shapes in her shape sorting blocks and sorting them by colour.

I hope you enjoyed our week! Next week – Vacation! (We’re there already!)
If you want to see what others are up to, click on the image at the top.

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4 Responses to Totschool – The letter Kk and Halloween Too!

  1. Linda says:

    Looks like you had a fun-packed week! Hope you are having a great time on vacation!!

  2. Christine says:

    Wow! I really like your site! You have some great stuff planned for your little one. I love how intent she is in all that she is doing! Boys are so different and I have a hard time finding something to keep their attention for longer than 5 mins. Great idea to use the page protectors and dry erase markers. I will have to try this. Thanks for visiting my site! ~Christine

    • anneabell says:

      Thanks for the comment Christine! Boys really are different – I used to work in a 2 year old preschool classroom and it was almost always the girls who stayed the longest at each activity!

  3. Sierra says:

    We are not as consistent with our calendar as I would like to be either. A goal I have for November is to do calendar time at least 4 mornings a week and to make sure we read a story from his Bible at least once a day. We always read a chapter from the NIV Bible before bedtime, but I think hearing the Bible stories in understandable language and with pictures is important.

    Hope you’re enjoying your vacation!

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