Trick-or-Treat, Princesses, First jobs, a Grumpy Face and Hockey Fun.

While back East, my Mother In Law mentioned that I haven’t been posting pictures on  facebook as often anymore. I hadn’t really noticed that my weekly photo dumps had turned into monthly and then bi-monthly photo dumps but she was right.

So, I decided I should probably make my blog more available. I hadn’t really thought about spreading the link out to family members, but figured why not. Then I thought, well maybe I should post a bit of a weekly wrap up at the end of each week too – just to keep people caught up on our busy household so that is my plan. I am sure the weekly wrap up will get put to the side once in a while, but I hope to be pretty consistant. I am going to keep it simple though with a minor description and bunch of photos.

Elastoboy trick-or-treated with his friends this year. He left early in the afternoon so they could all get together, eat a bit of candy first and begin gathering candy bright and early.

These three trick-or-treated with me and we had lot’s of fun. Mr. Hockey got tired of the box after a while and switched to a hockey jersey, claiming that the box was too heavy.

Our house is now full of far too much candy – but we did have a great time!

On Tuesday, Monkey Girl and I watched an episode of Dora about princesses and then later ready a book that she had found about princesses. She was very excited and into the idea so when she went down for nap, I told her that when she woke up, she’d be a princess. When I woke her to go get Electric Lady from school, she found a crown on her head and had the biggest, most wonder-filled smile on her face. Electric Lady was quite jealous of this whole play pretend adventure, first telling Monkey Girl she was not a princess to make her cry, but decided to join our play rather than join the stairs for a time out. Somehow, I became a Queen as well, but didn’t get a photo=) I love my princesses!

Mr. Hockey and Electric Lady picked up a paper route this week. They were both very excited and it was decided that Mr. Hockey would deliver on Thursday and Electric Lady on Friday. Mr. Hockey was slower than cold molasses with his but enjoyed it and is still very game – Electric Lady decided she was done and didn’t want the job anymore after 10 houses. Thankfully her three friends helped us finish them – she’s the one with her arm in the air, by the way.

This grumpy faced boy was very unhappy that his younger siblings got a paper route. However, since Electric Lady has decided to step down (as I knew she would, but let her try anyway), he’ll have a big smile on his face when he gets back from his grandparents on Sunday.

I’ll finish out with Mr. Hockey’s hockey game. His team won the game 7-5 against a very rough team (they lived in the penalty box). He got three assists and came very close to scoring as well. He does love hockey!

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