Totschool – Ll is for leaves and lot’s of em!

Tot School

My tot is 27.5 months old.

Monkey Girl and I had a blast with leaves this week. There are SO many on the ground right now that everywhere we went, she stomped on them and tossed them into the air.

We started off Monday morning with printables from 1+1+1=1. We used dot markers and dry erase markers.

We later played with her letter basket and explored the letter Ll. She is saying “GRRRRRR” for the lion in the picture below. After the letter basket, we did her sticker cards and added the letter Ll to our fridge magnets.

On Tuesday, we enjoyed a trip to the park to slide, swing and jump in the leaves.

Monkey Girl played with shelf toys and trays – She enjoyed the animals I had put out with Heroscape tiles. She also played with a magnetic number book and tongs with little eraser trees.

On Wednesday, we went for a walk to look at different types of leaves and enjoy the fall weather.

At Play At Home Moms, I found this great idea! Basically, I filled some balloons with water, some with air and some with coloured water. She loved laying on them, squishing them and throwing them around. In the end, we popped the ones filled with colour. You should have seen her eyes – they were HUGE. The bigger kids couldn’t wait to jump in the tub when they got home from school. I used black balloons to put their colours in and they got to be surprised by the flood of colour when they stabbed them!

Hubbers caught a photo of us using Monkey Girl’s printables to do sequencing later that afternoon. She also used her dry erase markers to trace the letter Ll.

Monkey Girl started out Thursday morning with asking to do stickers, so I pulled out some fall ones and let her go to town. We also did some reading.

For one of Monkey Girl’s tot-trays, I had cut up the leaf puzzle, shadow matching and number cards. I also cut up little leaves to use as counters and placed the number from one to nine in a segmented sheet protector for us to count. A month ago, the shadow matching gave her a very hard time, this time? It was easy as pie! It is so nice to watch her develop new skills!

After using the trays, she worked on her printables some more. She particularly liked the vocabulary sheet this week and it gave me a nice opportunity to introduce some new vocabulary to her like desert and full moon (rather than just moon).

Half way through our time with the printables, a package with Monkey Girl’s new winter gear was delivered. She wanted to try it on right away (we still need boots). She didn’t keep it on long and jumped right back into her printables once they were taken off. We do love those 1+1+1=1 totschool printables around here!

We did a leaf printing craft on Friday. Monkey Girl painted some leaves that we had collected with fall colours that matched the original colour of the leaf and stamped them onto a piece of paper.

As a nice side project, she glued the painted leaves onto the piece of paper I had placed under the leaves to keep the table clean while she painted them. I actually liked this finished piece more than the original but both are nice  additions to out wall of art.

After we do a painting project, I always let her have some free-style painting time. She is much more into me drawing pictures of cats for her to paint. Once finished the cat painting, we moved on to painting a picture of Ll is for Leah.

Ll printables came next – more vocabulary colouring and line tracing. You can’t see because he lines are so light, but she had very neatly circled all the Ll’s after tracing the lines. I was impressed!

Monkey Girl’s last tot-school activity for the week was glueing shapes. I usually give her a glue stick, or pour glue in a cup for her to spread with a Popsicle stick but she wanted to try the glue bottle and did a great job. She also did well with saying the names of the shapes too!

There you have it, the letter Ll! To see what others are up to, click the tot-school button at the top of my post. Have a good week!


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7 Responses to Totschool – Ll is for leaves and lot’s of em!

  1. Linda says:

    You had a fun packed week! Love the balloons in the tub idea, both my boys would love that 🙂 Thanks!!

  2. Lulu says:

    SUch a busy week! She seems so keen on the printables- my toddler likes them but sometimes hard with the baby unless I put him in his little brothers highchair {except the table on it is really not big enough}- We so need a child sized table but where to put it in our tiny apartment?

    He does love dotmarkers, or putting circle stickers on letter pages. Will have to makes some more dry erase sheets for him too.

    We did an autumn theme 2 weeks ago and just finished up our Halloween theme last week {which also had some autumn theme thrown in!}

    Lovely to see your week!

    • anneabell says:

      She really is crazy over her printable. I always need to keep in mind to introduce other things into our totschool time! A baby would mix things up a bit and make totschool time more difficult. Monkey Girl is the only one home with me during the day so we get lots of one on one time – though I’d love another little person to join us!

  3. Erin Brown says:

    What a great week! I bet the balloon popping and bursts of color were so much fun!

  4. The Monko says:

    balloons in the bath – genius!

  5. karlamcurry says:

    What a little busy-body you have! I don’t think my little guy would have the patience to do all that stuff, but my 3-year-old has always thrived from it. We do our L-week in a couple weeks so I’m bookmarking your post for ideas! I use 1+1+1=1’s printables a lot, too. Yay for free resources!

    • anneabell says:

      Thanks for the comment! I absolutely love 1+1+1=1’s printables. It is most of what I need all in one place so less looking around. I am glad you like my ideas=)

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