Killer Cereal Box

Mr. Hockey decided to dress up as a Cereal Killer this year for Halloween.

We tried painting a big box yellow, but the colour didn’t really stick (I used tempera and should have used Acrylic).

Hubbers then had the great idea to cover it with butcher paper and then draw the designs on it. We had a lot of fun trying to think of spooky phrases and silly/scary pictures. Mr. Hockey thinks eyeballs are awesome, so we made sure to add lot’s of those! He was particularly fond of the eyeball maze on the back!

Front and Back
Side Views

Next year he claims that he wants to be a bus made out of cardboard. We’ll see – he got tired of the cereal box fairly quickly while out trick or treating.

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One Response to Killer Cereal Box

  1. LOL clever idea! Thanks for linking to Hey Mom, Look What I Did at Adventures In Mommy Land…hope to see you again soon!!

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