Totschool – Nn is for Nifty Nets

Tot School
My tot is 28 months old.

With hubbers gone again this week, it was another busy time around the house. It was a bit less crazy than last week though, so we got lots of learning time in!

On Monday, Monkey girl dove into her printables from 1+1+1=1. She started with her colour sheet, which we played a game where she had to place the correct coloured insect in the little coloured nets.

Next she did coloured Nn words and then built a little wooden cat puzzle that I had placed in her totschool bins.

I had placed wooden train tracks in one of her bins as well – just enough to have three cars and a circular track. She almost NEVER plays with trains and I thought it might be a good thing for us to do together. Well, I was right! She loved them and then asked for all her tracks and spent a good 45 minutes building and taking apart tracks.

On Tuesday, we started with exploring Nn items for her letter basket, making Nn is for Net sticker cards and adding the letter Nn to our fridge. Monkey Girl read out each of the letters to me, all the way to Nn!

Later on, after the bigger kids came home, I gave her two nets. One to catch butterflies and one to catch balls (which she kept insisting I mention whenever I talked about things that go in a net). We used a butterfly stamper and a stamp pad for the butterfly net and Do-a-Dot markers to make the balls in the ball net. After we finished, she and the bigger kids went to town making dot art.

Wednesday was a busy totschool day. We started out with talking to Daddy in Seattle, then moved onto some imaginary play with the playmobile nativity set.

Next we moved onto the dot pages from the 1+1+1=1 letter Nn printables. Monkey Girl decided she had to trace the letter Nn with crayons after she finished dotting them.

A fun way we used the size sequencing, puzzle and shadow matching sheets was to use a cookie sheet and magnets. Monkey Girl kept asking for “More game, Momma!” as we worked our way through each activity. This will definitly be a “do again” project!

After we finished with the printables, Monkey girl chose to play with activities from her shelf and tot-trays. She used her sensory bin which was very simple – a box of spaghetti tossed in a bin with a container that had holes cut in the top to slide the noodles in. She also played with the “mysetery bag” in which I had placed a bunch of different items: spoon, toys, mittens, ornaments, etc. She had to close her eyes and choose and item then we would talk about the item. This was great for vocabulary building! Last, she chose her sound bin which had bells, shakers, a to drum, etc to play with and make noise. She enjoyed the bells the most.

Big Guy brought home some crickets to feed his scorpion. He fed half to the scorpion and then gave the other half to Monkey Girl to keep as pets during our insect week. She thought that was really nifty!

Thursday began with some dry erase printable work, then we moved on to a game where I placed all the shapes face down and called out a shape. Monkey girl had to turn the shapes over until she found the right one and then colour it. She was “rewarded” with getting to glue it on the paper.

Monkey Girl also made a sticker page using puffy insect and flower stickers. We then played with her Melissa and Doug Birthday cake and a Mega Blocks building game. This was the first time I played the game the way it was supposed to be played, instead of just matching the animals. She very much enjoyed it.

During our calendar time, Monkey girl became a butterfly. I talked her through, and acted out with her, the three main stages of a caterpillar becoming a butterfly. We started with shimmying on our bellies, pretending to eat leaves, then rolling into a cocoon and finally standing up, stretching out our wings and flying around the room. This was a big hit!

On Friday we didn’t spend much time on totschool. We did play with the birthday cake again and had a birthday party for Dora, though!

And took the time to make some ink blob butterflies. They turned out lovely. Monkey Girl was amazed at how the paint we squished between the paper turned into a butterfly. We gave one to my good friend Leah as part of her birthday present and she really liked it too.

And that is all for now folks. Check back next week for our airplane week!
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