Tot School – Zip, Zip Airplanes

Tot School

My tot is 28 months old. (and an added 5 year old in the mix)

We had an additional kiddo in our totschool time this week and a busy house so we didn’t  get as much done as usual. Regardless, we had a good time. We took a break from ABC’s to do a week on airplanes. Our addition was a little 5 year old boy who may be joining our family as a foster child over the next few weeks. We just need to wait and see what the decision of his current foster family is.

On Monday, we had a normal totschool day – We dot painted colouring sheets and made an airplane picture with Monkey Girl and her siblings photos in the windows. She loved this activity.

We also made runways for airplanes out of train tracks and ran around a pretend runway, counting up to 10 then taking off into the air. This was a big hit.

On Tuesday, our day was mostly normal, just ending a bit earlier for the arrival of the little guy who I’ll refer to as Flash for this post. We started making a mish-mash totbook using printabled from Homeschool Creations Transportation pack. (I hadn’t planned on it, but saw an empty folder and figured why not). I wrote the word “PLANE” on the front and Monkey Girl glued the airplane letters on. We also build the little airplane puzzle from the pack and made some paper airplanes out of crayon pages from

I also gave her some paper and a crayon to draw with while I cleaned up the leftover paper trimmings. Soon after, she started yelling “Momma, LOOK! E! E!” And sure enough, I looked and she had drawn the letter “e” on her paper many times.

After the cleanup, we played memory with the vehicle word cards and added them to the totbook.

And enjoyed toys from her toyshelf like this birthday cake and chunky transportation puzzle.

Wednesday was a busy totschool time with Flash’s contribution. We experienced our first snow that morning so lot’s of time was spent playing in it.

We made some more airplane puppets. (We coloured the little airplanes, glued them on cardstock, cut them out and added a popsicle stick.)

Then we moved onto turning the big box, featured as a Mouse House last week, into an airplane.

Both kids played with our bins of cars and car mats a lot this day too, though Flash would frequently get upset that Monkey Girl destroyed his “Racing Strip.”

I also let Monkey Girl and Flash spread their own peanut butter on their bread for lunch. Flash thought it was the coolest thing ever and Monkey Girl just got upset that her fingers got sticky. Kids are pretty funny sometimes.

We didn’t take the time for totschool much at all on Thursday. The one thing we did do (other than playing in the snow that was quickly melting away) was to stick stickers of airplanes and kitties on cardstock. Both kiddos spent a lot of time on it!

All the kids were home from school on Friday for a Professional Activity Day for the teachers (PA Day). Because the bigger kids were home, it allowed for us to get some one on one totschool time in while they played with Flash.
Monkey Girl and I spent that time doing printables with dry erase markers, of course. It is one of her favourite things to do.

Flash joined us for a game of shadow matching.

We also had fun flying the airplane puppets around the room.

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2 Responses to Tot School – Zip, Zip Airplanes

  1. I love all your airplane activities! Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Lulu says:

    My tot would LOVE all of your activities- he has recently discovered a lot of airplanes flying by while we are at the park and is very quick to point them out. Looks like Monkey Girl enjoyed having a playmate this week as well.

    I think my toddler would be the same as Monkey Girl with the peanut butter although he would love to give it ago!

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