Totschool – Oo is for Ostriches

Tot School

My tot is 29 months old. Our new little buddy is 5.

We had a different little boy here this week for totschool – Another 5 year old and we’ll have him for quite some time. I am not sure how long yet so he’s just joining us for totschool but we may branch out to some preschool stuff in the future. Here on the blog he’ll be known as Prince Charming.

Flash went home on Monday morning, so Monkey Girl and I were alone for totschool time. We started out with colouring pictures of Dora.

We also coloured some Oo printables from 1+1+1=1, played with African animals in the rice bin and made Oo’s out of playdough.

On Tuesday Monkey Girl and I went shopping. I bought some snowflake window clings while we were out and Monkey Girl very much enjoyed decorating the windows with them. She also played with one of our Nativity scenes.

Prince Charming moved in with us on Tuesday night so was there to join our tot time Wednesday morning. The kids started out with colouring more pictures of Dora.

I asked them if they would like to colour the letter Oo instead which they were both excited about. Prince Charming seems to really enjoy colouring and learning time too!

We made our Ostrich sticker cards, explored the letter bin (Oo’s this week) and added the letter Oo to the fridge. However, I was lazy with the camera, so you only get to see the sticker cards.

Because it was a rainy day, we played soccer indoors. I think I tired Monkey Girl out – soft soccer balls are useful for sleeping on!

Since Prince Charming didn’t have a stocking yet, and I messed up the writing on Monkey Girl’s, I had them paint Christmas stockings for craft time. We had a lot of fun with it – lot’s of giggles as they experimented with different colour mixtures.

Thursday started with a visit to the park. We found a water puddle that had turned to ice. It was extra special because it was actually dry under the ice and was easy to crunch beneath our feet.

The kids chose our playdough pizza kit from the tot shelves to play with. I am so impressed at Momkey Girl’s ability to share. I very much expected her, as the baby of the family and the only one with me during the daytime, to be jealous of another child joining our time and playing with her toys. Instead, she shares willingly and is so patient as she waits for Momma’s attention.

I made the kids pictures of Owls to colour, as well as a few other Oo sheets. Our printer ran out of toner! I am glad I am decent at drawing as they were requesting “Pin-bulls” as Monkey Girl calls them.

On Friday we played with our wooden animals. Not all are african animals, but there is an ostrich with a blue neck in there!

I made some more letter pages for them to dob and colour. The kids finished off their morning with our pattern block set. They ae way too easy for Prince Charming, and getting that way for Monkey Girl but they still spent nearly 40 minutes on them!

There you have it – our week with the letter Oo. If you’d like to see what others are doing, click the totschool button at the top!

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2 Responses to Totschool – Oo is for Ostriches

  1. Brenda says:

    Cute! Looks like a fun week. I think you meant to say your tot is 29 months old instead of years:) I love the pic of her with the soccer ball!

  2. anneabell says:

    Haha you are right – fixed that!

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