12 Days of Christmas Books

We had a busy last week of November and first week of December (with 5 year olds moving in and out of our home) so I didn’t get an advent activity set up fast enough. I knew I wanted to do something special for the kids though, so I decided to purchase some new books, mix with some old favourites and do a twelve days of Christmas book activity instead.

I wrapped up twelve sets of books – some days had one, others 2 depending on the length of the them. I then typed up an activity to go with each book, which I’ll include at the bottom of the post. I know we won’t get to it everyday, which is why 12 works great for us! Each day we do the 12 days of Christmas Books, one of the kids will open a book (we’re going from youngest to oldest), then I’ll read out the activity and read them the story. Sometimes they can do the activity while I read, others we’ll do it after. We’ve done 3 so far and the kids have very much enjoyed it. Electric Lady is the biggest fan, as I suspected she would be, but most of the others are pretty eager too. Elastoboy is humouring me, which I’ll take happily, considering he is nearly 13!

The Books!

Monkey Girl, being the youngest got the joy of opening the first one. As you can see by the joy on her face, she thought this was quite exciting!

I read the book and they coloured pictures from 1+1+1=1’s Twelve Days of Christmas printables. (Hubbers took pictures and Big Guy was away at a friend’s house)

The colouring continued for quite some time for Mr. Hockey and Monkey Girl and I awoke the next morning to Electric Lady begging to do another book and activity.

Of course, we do something different each night but this is the gist of it. Nice, simple and Christmassy. I’ll be putting a post together at the end to share the rest of our Twelve Days of Christmas Books.

Here is the list of books and activities:

Twelve Days of Christmas
On the first day of Christmas your Momma gave to you,

a book that is shiny and new.
Colour the twelve days of Christmas cards,
and have fun singing the song as a family.
(Using French Accents of course)

 What Dogs want for Christmas
On the second day of Christmas your Momma gave to you,
happy doggies and their Christmas lists too.
Write letters for Santa,
then think up what the cats would want for Christmas too.
(Be creative, we have some pretty unique kitty cats!)

A Snowy Day
On the third day of Christmas your Momma gave to you,
a hedge hog lost in the snow.
Go to the Dollarama and buy mittens and hats
for the churches mitten drive.
Thank God that we have all the warm clothing we need.

 Angels of Christmas and Dora’s Christmas
On the fourth day of Christmas your Momma gave to you,
Dora and some angels too.
Make some angel sugar cookies with Dad,
then share some with the ________ (neighbours).
(Wash your hands well!)

 The First Christmas
On the fifth day of Christmas your Momma gave to you,
a story of the first Christmas.
Read the story again and Act it out using the
Playmobile and ceramic 
Nativity Sets.

The Penguin Who Wanted to be Different
On the sixth day of Christmas your Momma gave to you,

a unique little penguin.
Make Penguin Christmas decorations
using Salt dough. Bake and Paint.
(We may have to finish this one tomorrow)

 The Christmas Star
On the seventh day of Christmas your Momma gave to you,
a cute little Christmas star.
Go for a drive around the neighbourhood to look
at Christmas lights. Take a photo of your favourite
then stop to fight a star up in the sky.

10 on a Sled
On the eighth day of Christmas your Momma gave to you,

too many critters on a sled.
Make paper snowflakes to decorate the windows with.
If we have snow, go play in it too!
Remember to dress warmly!

Porcupine in a Pine Tree (A Canadian Twelve Days of Christmas)
On the ninth day of Christmas your Momma gave to you

a porcupine in a Pine Tree.
Make up your own version of the twelve days of Christmas
using a cat as the giver.
Sing it as a family when you have finished.

Bearstein Bear’s Decorate the Tree and The Christmas Tree
On the tenth day of Christmas your Momma gave to you,

fun with a Christmas tree.
Decorate the paper Christmas Tree and find a
good place to display it then play Christmas music
with the lights out and relax with our big tree.

Bear’s First Christmas and In a Stable
On the eleventh day of Christmas your Momma gave to you,

Christmas in a manger and a cave.
Go Christmas carolling around the neighbourhood,
making sure to sing silent night and joy to the world.
Come home and drink hot chocolate.

A Magical Christmas
On the twelvth day of Christmas your Momma gave to you,

a Magical Christmas Surprise.
Think about what makes Christmas magical to you
then enjoy an early Christmas present. Be thankful for
what you get and remember, Christmas Day is nearly here!

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3 Responses to 12 Days of Christmas Books

  1. MiaB says:

    What a great idea!! So much fun 🙂


  2. Beth says:

    I love this! Your cute little verses with the activity – so fun =-) Thanks for linking up to TGIF! See you next week,
    Beth =-)

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