Totschool – Pp is for Princesses and Pencils

Tot School

My tot is 28.5 months old. (And a 5 year old)

We worked on the letter Pp this week but took a break from just doing our normal totschool printables from 1+1+1=1 and added in some princess ones which were also from 1+1+1=1. I did print some of the knights preschool pack from Homeschool Creations too because Prince Charming informed me that “princesses are only for girls.”

On Monday, we started off with a  huge puzzle mess on the floor – seems a certain little Monkey Girl thought it would be great fun to get out every puzzle from the puzzle shelf while Momma had a bathroom break. It gave us a good opportunity to work on fine motor and puzzle building skills as well as sorting and matching since all the puzzle pieces were mixed together.

Since our theme was knights and princesses, I got out all of our castle sets. We have two more (Little people and my little pony) that received a lot of love throughout the week but I didn’t get a photo of them. These two are the little people building palace and a polly pocket set.

Last, we worked on some princess and knight printables. We didn’t get a lot of time on them as all that puzzle building too up much of the morning!

Tuesday began with printable work. We used the totschool ones this day.

We also made our Pp is for Pencil sticker cards. Prince Charming put the fridge letters in order then added the letter Pp as well.

Our last activity was a game of Eye Spy with the items from the letter basket. I love this picture of Prince Charming pointing out the P while Monkey Girl watches him.

Wednesday was a low key day. Prince Charming was not in a “totschool” mood, so Monkey Girl and I had a fun time colouring and poking Pp’s made out of playdough.

He did join us to make scenes with the Melissa and Doug reusable sticker pages though!

On Thursday, we worked on printables. Monkey Girl used the dot pages from 1+1+1=1’s princess pack.

Prince Charming worked on patterning and identifying beginning sounds from Homeschool Creations Knights printables.

We started out with colouring princesses on Friday. We then played a game where I called out a colour. She would find the princess, then lay it beside another princess. I would ask her which one(s) it was next to and she would tell me the colour. She very much liked the game… so much so that I found her doing the same activity with her Dora doll, only Monkey Girl was doing my roll! I thought it was too cute, especially when she would praise Dora, saying “You proud of yoo-self.”

We also played a game where I would ask them to put the princess’s gold (ie, pennies) on the shape to buy it. We played that one more than once! We also played a game of matching princess colours.

And that would be it for our week! To see what others have been up to, click on the totschool button at the top.

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2 Responses to Totschool – Pp is for Princesses and Pencils

  1. Christine says:

    Your kids always look like they have so much fun! I love the color game and that she chose to play again later with Dora!

  2. Amanda says:

    My kids are getting the Melissa and Doug reusable sticker pages for Christmas. I have been eyeing them for a while. We got the dino set and the house set!

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