End of Volley Ball, Snow, Christmas Movies and a fun Christmas Get-together.

I have lots of photos to share for our weekly family update. We’ve actually done more than this but I am saving the photos from our 12 days of Christmas books until after we finish!

Monkey Girl loved dressing up as a kitty and hiding in Elastoboy’s “Gift” costume this week.

Elastoboy finished up the volleyball season. His team did not make the finals and he was pretty disappointed to I cheered him up with a box of KFC french fries (his favourite) to share with his friends.

The littles and I visited the park. (I did not tell Prince Charming to hide his face, BTW, he just decided he wasn’t into having his photo taken that day! Works out well for the blog though!)

And then the next morning, it snowed! It was almost gone by lunch time, but we enjoyed it for the morning!

The bigger kids (even Big Guy) settled in for a Simpson’s Christmas movie…

Though Elastoboy decided to make a budget instead. He’s a compulsive spender, so this is a big thing on his part! Monkey Girl and Prince Charming helped me make popcorn as the Simpsons really are not their thing.

We also went to our friend’s Christmas drop in. It was a nice, relaxing time of fellowship. The middle three amused themselves by dressing up as princesses, eating entirely too much sugar (thanks Amanda=p) and taking photos of themselves. A good time was had by all! The little ones just played with all the fun toys.

There you have it, a week at our house. Well, I didn’t post the time outs, random messes or grumpy-because-I-don’t-want-to-do-my-paper-route parts. I generally avoid taking photos of those!

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