Totschool – Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!

Tot School

My tot is 28.5 months old.

We, like other families, decided to go with a Christmas theme this week! Monkey Girl and Prince Charming really loved all our Christmas fun!

On Monday, we started with the calendar and talked about all the things we had planned.
We also decorated some Christmas cookies (and ate them) and coloured some Christmas stickers from the dollar store. We didn’t get to the majority of our activities because Prince Charming had a speech-language assessment.

Tuesday was a layed back day. We played with puzzles and the lacing bear set.

Next we played with the Christmas sensory bin that I put together. This went over very well and they stuck with it for over an hour. We scooped, sorted and poured.

Prince Charming decided to make a pattern with the little Christmas ornaments.

Even Winnie got in on the action!

For your info, the bin contains:
– Greenish blue died macaroni noodles
– Various Green coloured pompoms
– Red plastic star, bulb and sparkly bulb tree ornaments
– Strings of red beads
– Playmobile Girl, Boy, Santa, Snowman and Santa’s bag of toys
– Two Christmas tins
– Two measuring cups
– Two spoons

We made sticker scenes on Wednesday using a sticker pad from Michael’s. Sticker scenes are always a favourite of my sticker crazy girl!

We used the ornaments from our sensory bin to play a size sorting game. I drew three Big ornaments on one piece of paper and three small ones on the other paper and had the kids toss the corresponding sized ornaments onto the sheets. Monkey Girl decided that was too hard and simply walked over and placed them on top of the drawn ornaments. Either way, they both did well with sorting Big and Little ornaments!

Thursday started with some general painting while I prepped a painting activity for the littles.

Marble painting was on the menu for this day. We used Christmas colours, then branched out into others because the kids loved it so much.

Prince Charming has visits with his biological parents on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11 to 1 so Monkey Girl and I got some one on one time. We spent a lot of time playing with Christmas cookie cutters and playdough.

We also used our sticker story book of the First Christmas. I love this book – the stickers are reusable and the illustrations are a lot of fun. Monkey Girl was in sticker heaven!

We finished off the morning with colouring Christmas lights and making a snowflake craft which I’ll be posting more about tomorrow! (Colouring sheet from 2 teaching mommies).

I set up the table for Prince Charming so that he could do the same activities when he came home. I think I’ll be doing this every Tuesday and Thursday as it worked out nicely since he comes back at naptime and needs quiet activities.

On Friday, I had Prince Charming do some phonics pages form a book sent to us from his speech-language assesment.

Monkey Girl and I used her stacking rings and coloured Christmas ABC’s in her dry erase colouring book. (Idea from 1+1+1=1, printables from Musings of Me.)

Once Prince Charming finished his phonics pages, the two enjoyed colouring together in the notebook.

The kids did some beading and Monkey Girl enjoyed wearing her beaded necklace.

Finally, I cut out the lights from Thursday’s colouring and Monkey Girl gave her ponies a lesson in ABC’s. We then strung them onto a piece of twine to use as a decoration.

Next week – the same thing all over again, just with a bigger focus on the nativity.
To see what others were up to, click the totschool picture at the top of my post.

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2 Responses to Totschool – Christmas, Christmas, Christmas!

  1. Haha, I love how your cat got in on the action! 🙂

  2. Love the sticker scenes and all the playdough creations. Love the sizing activity you did with your Christmas ornaments. Great idea!

    Stopped by from Tot School.

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