Sparkly Snowflakes

Monkey Girl and I had fun making sparkly snowflakes last week. She’s very into crafts so I am constantly trying to think of new, toddler friendly activities. This one was great… except she kept licking her fingers to taste the salt!

I got all the materials together before we started.

Monkey girl coated strips of paper with glue, then stuck them on the black paper in the shape of a snowflake. She got a bit creative near the end, which I LOVE! I am a big fan of unique outcomes for craft projects.

Next she coated the snowflakes with glue again and shook salt all over them to make them “sparkly” like snow.

Finally, she decided to make another little snowflake out of the smaller paper strips I had cut.

And that’s it, easy as pie! (Well, easier than pie for me since cooking is NOT my thing=)

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One Response to Sparkly Snowflakes

  1. mudalaki says:

    That is a lovely and simple activty. I would like to try it with my preschooler. Thanks for sharing it.

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