Electric Lady is 10! Holy Kitty Cats, where does time go?

My big girl hit double digits last Friday and had her big Ambassador sleepover party on Saturday night. She was beaming with delight through it all, with only a few greedy bumps on the way. Gift times always cause her some trouble as she imagines what she gets ahead of time and then if she doesn’t get just what she imagined, feels cheated. We’re working on it and it has gotten a lot better!

I am having a hard time believing that my little girl is now ten years old! When she came to us, she was 6 and quite petite at that. A fireball of energy, with a temper that could burn even the calmest of folks but an exuberance for life, a smile to die for and a special spark that not many can claim to have.

She still is full of energy, but has more ability to control those wild impulses. She is a lovely singer, can colour with the best of em, loves baby dolls and is becoming quite a confident young lady. She still holds that one of a kind spark and is truly a special girl.

Happy Birthday Electric Lady!

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