12 Days of Christmas Books Revisited

The next few days are going to be filled with some Christmas catch up posts. I decided to take a break for the holidays as it has been pretty busy around here. Two birthdays and Christmas all in 2 weeks makes for a crazy household!

My first catch up post will be to share our 12 days of Christmas books. I posted the details of this new family tradition here.

On the first day, we read the “Twelve Days of Christmas” and coloured pictures from 1+1+1=1 while singing the song in goofy accents.

On the second day, we read “What Dogs Want for Christmas” and wrote letters to Santa. My bigger kids humoured me=)

On the third day of Christmas, we read “A Snowy Day” and bought mittens for our church’s mitten drive.

On the fourth day, we read Angels of Christmas and Dora’s Christmas and made sugar cookies for us and our neighbours.

On the fifth day of Christmas, we read “The First Christmas” and acted out the nativity story with our playmobil nativity set.

On day six, we read “The Penguin Who Wanted to be Different” and made salt dough penguins.

On the seventh day of Christmas books, we read “The Christmas Star” and walked around the neighbourhood looking at lights.

On the ninth day of Christmas, we read “10 on a Sled” and made paper snowflakes.

On the ninth day, we read “Porcupine in a Pine Tree (A Canadian Twelve Days of Christmas)” and made our own version of the song, using a cat as the gift giver.

On the tenth day of Christmas, we read “Berenstain Bears Decorate the Tree” and “The Christmas Tree.” We made our paper tree – sorry for the lousy photo. The camera was out of batteries!

On day eleven, we read “Bear’s First Christmas” and “In a Stable.” We went Christmas caroling, though the big boys were too embarrassed to join us!

Finally, on the twelfth day of Christmas, the kiddos got to open their Christmas eve present. I am pretty sure this was the favourite day!

We spread this out over the three weeks before Christmas because I knew we wouldn’t get to it everyday. I was right and we managed to finish just in time for Christmas!

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