Oh Those Family Photo Phobias

As my plan is to catch up my Christmas posts so I am fresh and ready for January, I figured I had better share our lovely family photo session! I use this blog to keep family updated, and to look back on as a scrapbook of sorts and this is not something I wish to forget!

We always get family photos done in December. It’s a pretty crazy month to do so, but I love having them. Our family changes and grows constantly so it is important to me to have something that shows that change!

Anyway, off we went, all dressed in blue shirts and in good spirits to the portrait studio to get our photos done. Once there, the photographer started organizing us and Prince Charming decided to hide behind the screen. We managed to get him to come out with warnings that it wasn’t safe back there, but his response when asked to join us was to stick his hands on his hips, grunt and shake his head.

Finally, I pulled him over to my lap, hoping he’d perk up once we were sitting. As evidenced by the photo below, that didn’t happen!

We continued to encourage, he continued to hide his face until he decided he was simply done and went to sit on the sides. No amount of icecream offering, sticker bribing, begging or pleading to could get him to join us. So the photographer snapped a photo of the rest of us. We did want a photo like this to share with family and friends who are far away and are not allowed a photo of Prince Charming, but still not the one I wanted for my own wall! (Though it did turn out nicely!)

Finally, he joined us, but with a huge scowl on his face, arms crossed and certainly looking like he didn’t want to be there! I can’t post that photo, but it is the one adorning my wall at the moment.

Next we moved onto a group photo of the kids. He seemed much more cooperative after seeing that the camera was not going to eat him so we did get some decent photos there – although Electric Lady added some flare with her posing and Mr. Hockey refused to smile because he was asked to sit next to Electric Lady.

And finally we moved onto individual photos.
Monkey Girl just wouldn’t stay still. Even when provided with a chair, she quickly moved off of it to explore other things. We did get one nice photo though… and one very nice photo of an empty chair too!

Prince Charming jumped around like a crazy kid, but she did manage to get some nice photos when he finally sat down to relax, in between his break dancing and karate moves.

Electric Lady posed like a little model and totally soaked up the attention. I have to say, I do love the way the photos turned out!

Big Guy tolerated having his photo taken and played along nicely.

The younger boys both took a few very nice photos. These are my favourite two.

Then they had a blast goofing off while we sorted out payments with the staff. The photographer had a blast with them!

Finally, she convinced hubbers and I go get a photo of just us while Big Guy watched the kids.

53 photos and 1 hour later, we left with a group of photos that make me smile when I look at them. I was very impressed with the lady who took them – she had the patience of a saint!


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2 Responses to Oh Those Family Photo Phobias

  1. The Monko says:

    what lovely photos. Its so great to see your huge clan.

  2. linda says:

    ann you have a beautful family and were do you get your ideas i love them i need some.

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