Snowflakes are Falling, are Falling, are Falling!

At Frugal Family Fun Blog, I spotted these very cute snowflake paintings that I just had to try with the kids. We didn’t have any purple paint so I let the kiddos choose their favourite colours (Blue for Prince Charming and Pink for Monkey Girl) to paint with.

First I used painters tape to make the shape of a snowflake on plain old computer paper. I didn’t have any blank canvases so this did the trick. It stuck a bit but the paintings still turned out very cute.

They had fun painting all over the paper – It took some encouraging but Prince Charming managed to fill his whole page. I helped Monkey Girl with her’s.

Once they were totally dry, I peeled off the tape and this is what we got. Prince Charming and Monkey Girl were both very pleased with their results and the bigger kids asked to do one once they saw the finished product – they had all turned me down when I orginally offered the craft to them!

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