Not Much Totschool ’round Here

Tot School

We have had a pretty laid back two weeks so not much totschool has been happening here. Lot’s of play, socializing and just being together has occurred though and I have to say it pretty much been the best Christmas and New Years our family has ever had!

I did make sure to do SOME learning and fun activities with the littles, although I frequently forgot to take photos.

We did do plenty of stickers!

We used Prince Charming’s new hotwheels track to send cards flying around and around and built a giant marble run.

I taught the kids how to blow bubbles in their milk. We had a great time with this, trying to predict when it would bubble over!

The kids had fun painting snowflakes and colouring Dora too!

Next week, we are back to normal so be sure to check in to see what we’re up to!

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One Response to Not Much Totschool ’round Here

  1. Linda says:

    Happy to see you had a great holiday! We have been laid back too but getting back into the swing of things this week. I love the snowflakes, I am going to try that with my kiddos for our winter week 🙂

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