Totschool – Random Acts of Learning, Polar Bears and a bunch of sick kids

Tot School

My Tot is 29 months old.

Well, my big plans of getting back on track didn’t happen this week. My little monkey was sick, as were the rest of the kiddos, though she had it the worst. In the past 2 weeks we’ve all had the stomach flu, Monkey Girl has teethed 2 of her two-year molars, and she and I have just been diagnosed with strep throat.

We did manage to find some time for the activities I had planned during her more spry moments and Prince Charming was more than happy to join in. We didn’t do anything on Monday as Electric Lady, Elastoboy, Prince Charming and Monkey Girl all had a stomach bug.

On Tuesday we played with Dora blocks and race car tracks.

Prince Charming and I did an ABC matching puzzle before he headed off to a visit with his biological parents while Monkey Girl coloured Aa words. She is showing me that the “Momma A” is with the “Momma B” and “Momma C” in the picture on the right. Her terminology, not mine but oh so cute!

I had planned a polar bear theme because Monkey Girl has been in love with two polar bears she got for Christmas. We didn’t get to do as much as I liked with it, but a favourite activity was painting a Momma and Baby polar bear then matching them with her new toys. She did this over and over – taking them off then putting them back on, saying “It’s a Match, Momma! Look!” each time.

She was not too eager to play in the shaving cream arctic environment (the clothes pins are “fish”). She wouldn’t touch the stuff and would try to wipe it off of me if I started to play in it. Washing the toys off after I gave up was by far more fun… and hey, still some sensory fun going on!

Playdough was on the menu for Wednesday. Monkey Girl has been loving her new alphabet cookie cutters. Prince Charming is a big fan too and we had a ball making the alphabet together.

I added in some science to the polar bear theme. We took two jars – filled one with hot water form the tap and the other with cold water from the tap. We talked about how they felt and what we think would happen if we put a freezie inside. We then predicted which would melt faster – over Monkey Girl’s head a bit but she was a willing participant and Prince Charming thought it was so neat we did it three more times!

All the kids were home from school because of a snowday on Thursday so I put our Polar Bear plans to the side and pulled out the alphabet playdough again. This time we made everyone in our family’s name which was a big hit. Monkey Girl has been very interested in the spelling of her name and now can identify the first letter of everyone in our family’s name. Prince Charming is beginning to learn to spell the names so fun for both.

Prince Charming requested the alphabet matching puzzle again – this time he wanted to see how long of a line we would get if we lined them all up. While I helped him with that, Mr. Hockey played Dora legos with Monkey Girl.

On Friday we did the tot trays that I forgot to put out on Monday! First was a sheet of paper where I had written the alphabet with a set of dot stickers with the ABC’s written in a random order for each kiddo. They had to match them up. The second was an empty chocolate container with foam shapes. Monkey Girl used a spoon to place them in the holes and Prince Charming made AB and AABB patterns with them. Finally I brought back out the felt snowman and they made snowman faces.

Finally i finished off with a fun game of Go fish with Prince Charming and then playing in nice fresh snow with Monkey Girl’s arctic set. of course, the polar bears got the most use!

And that would be all for this week – let’s hope NEXT week can be back to normal. I am actually hoping to do a Brown Bear, Brown Bear theme. We’ll see how it goes!

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3 Responses to Totschool – Random Acts of Learning, Polar Bears and a bunch of sick kids

  1. lorna says:

    I know I’m not family, but even I enjoy reading about your week. You are such a good MOM.
    Hope you all feel better this week.
    Love you guys,

  2. anneabell says:

    Thanks Lorna! You put a smile on my face and friends are welcome to check out our week too! I think we are finally on the mend so we should see you on Friday night!

  3. Christine says:

    I enjoyed your week! Glad everyone is feeling better! The hot and cold jars was a great idea! I’ll definitely be trying that out with my boys.

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