Polar Bears Eat Fish!



Monkey Girl has been crazy over her little polar bears lately so we have had many conversations about them. Her favourite question to ask is “What eat “a” lunch, Momma?” I always answer with “Fish!” which sends her into fits of giggles.

I figured that since she thought eating fish was so great, perhaps we should paint some so I got a template off of a website I found on Pinterest – Sorry, I can’t rememeber where – and helped her outline it and decorate it with crayons.

I had used a white crayon to make Ff’s on the background and asked Monkey Girl to paint over them. They turned out nicely… until Monkey Girl decided that the Ff’s needed to be all painted in and painted over and over the same spot until they were covered! Monkey Girl was more than happy to continue painting the whole page, but soon moved on to yellow, rather than blue for the water. She just LOVES yellow!
There you have it… what Polar Bears Eat for lunch!

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One Response to Polar Bears Eat Fish!

  1. MiaB says:

    Your fish is so colorful 🙂 And I love how your little one is so engrossed in the task at hand 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.


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