Totschool – Brown Bear, Brown Bear

Tot School

Monky Girl is 30 months and Prince Charming is 5 years old.

Ever since I spotted these cute prinatbles from 1+1+1=1 last month, I knew I needed to use them. Our last three weeks had been filled with illness and we were all just starting to get back on our game so I thought this would be a nice first step back into a more structured learning time for Monkey Girl and Prince Charming.

On Monday Monkey Girl and I were diagnosed with strep throat first thing in the morning plus we had a speech and language assessment for Monkey Girl that I needed to keep the appointment for because we had already waited 5 months for our appointment! Poor Monkry Girl wouldn’t swallow due to her sore throat so barely spoke and looked like a chipmunk, however spoke enough that we were given the AOK, which I expected since her language sort of exploded at the beginning of December.

On Tuesday, I decided to push on with some activities and they were a welcome distraction.  We started with reading the book a few times together, then Prince charming “read” it to us. I next sent the kids on a “Colour Hunt” where they had to each find an object to match the colour of each animal in the book. In the photos below you can see Monkey Girl with a brown blanket and Prince Charming with a  purple backpack.

Monkey Girl worked on a mini book about colours and coloured an animal colours page from the Brown Bear preschool pack while Prince Charming traced the words and coloured the animals on another worksheet.

It is amazing how fast antibiotics work because Monkey Girl was back to herself by Wednesday morning. We began that day with using the graphing worksheets. This is a favourite activity of Prince Charming’s and we actually did it two more times while Monkey Girl had her nap.

We also did a colour matching puzzle and pre-writing practice sheets.  

Then finished off the morning with a game of “guess the letter”. We stuck letters on our noses and had to guess what the letter was by the sound it made and the words it began with. Prince Charming took the lovely photo of me… he told me to give my “Biggest and Stretchiest” smile.

On Thursday, we did a lot of running around so didn’t get a chance to do much learning time. Monkey Girl did request it was Hubbers was making supper so we arranged bears by size and then practiced counting.

Friday was a more low key day. We started out with colouring snowmen that Monkey Girl and Prince Charming asked me to draw. Prince Charming got bored so I asked him to cut our some animal cards for me.

We had fun reading through the minibook called “I See”.

We played a matching game with the cards Prince Charming cut out.

And that would be it… next week we really are back to the letter Qq.

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One Response to Totschool – Brown Bear, Brown Bear

  1. Linda says:

    Love this! I’ve been wanting to use these printables as well — we love the book so I know it will be a hit. Thanks for showing how it went at your house 🙂

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