My Little Helpers

Monkey Girl and Prince Charming have been quite the little helpers lately.
This is a common scene these days:

Every time I go to do something – prepare a meal, tidy up a room, fold some laundry, load the dishwasher, etc., these two are not far behind.
“I come wit you, Momma? I be helper?” – Monkey Girl
“Me too! I want to help!” – Prince Charming

While it is very cute, things are taking a lot longer to complete! I love seeing the helpful spirit in these two little ones and encourage them whenever I can. Monkey Girl will even break down in tears if I ask her if I can do this one on my own so I don’t do that very often.

Just thought I’d share, as they are oh so cute!

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One Response to My Little Helpers

  1. When Alyssa was little, I used to have a little cupboard at her level and she put all the plastic dishes from the dishwasher in there while we unloaded the dishwasher….i would give her one dish at a time so it took her longer. lol.

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