Totschool – Qq is for Queen and being Quiet

Tot School

My tots are 30 months and 5 years old.

We jumped back into letters with Qq this week. This will be the last time Prince Charming joins us for our morning totschool session as he will start a special school on Monday to help him with his social anxiety. It is only 2.5 hours a day so 2 or three days a week, I will still be providing him with his activity trays. He really likes them and the school focuses mostly on behaviours, social interaction and literacy so he’ll need some work with numbers and other things at home.

On Monday, we used dobbers and markers to work on the totschool printables for the letter Qq from 1+1+1=1. We haven’t done them in a while and I forgot just how much Monkey Girl enjoys them. They are a bit young for Prince Charming but he likes doing whatever Monkey Girl does.

On Tuesday, Monkey Girl and I worked on one of her tot trays – clipping clothes pins numbered from 1 to 10 on a piece of cardboard, also numbered  from 1 to 6. She really did well with this. We spent the rest of the morning reading books… many, many, many books!

Wednesday began with making sticker scenes. When we finished the kitty picture, I had Monkey Girl tell me a story about her picture and I wrote it down. I love the finished story!

We also did MANY worksheets. These kids are worksheet nutty. While we worked, I emphasized the word quiet and we tried using very quiet voices.

Once we finished colouring the Queens, we played a memory game. I would line up 3 different coulored Queens in front of Monkey Girl ( 5 for Prince Charming), name them and cover one up while she closed her eyes. She then needed to guess which one was hiding. A big hit as hide and seek is the game of the moment around here.

We coloured shapes and glued them on paper, at Monkey Girl’s request.

When we finished our printable work, we made the sticker cards for the week. Monkey Girl stuck the lower case q’s on her queen’s crown card and Prince charming did the upper case Q’s.

We finished up that busy Wednesday with some puzzles – a princess one for Monkey Girl and opposites for Prince Charming.

Thursday was a busy day so we didn’t get to much learning time. We did make some allowance jars for Monkey Girl and Prince Charming and talked about the names of different coins – with special attention given to “Qq is for quarters.” I also showed Prince Charming how many pennies were in a nickel, dime, quarter, loonie and toonie. He was pretty amazed that he had more money than Monkey Girl with just one toonie than when she had fifty pennies.

We filled the letter basket and played Eye Spy with it on Friday. We also added our magnetic Qq’s to the fridge. Prince Charming had a visit so was not there to join us.

Monkey Girl finished the rest of her printables. She especially liked circling her vocabulary words instead of colouring them this week. She had seen Electric Lady do it in her homework last week and was fascinated!

She finished off the morning by playing with her magnetic kitties – one of her very favourite toys!

And that would be it for this week! Next week is Rr is for rainforest and I am very much looking forward to that one!

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