When you dig a hole…

I am not going into the specifics… but I have a son who is digging a hole. A very deep hole and rather than digging himself out, he just keeps getting deeper.

I am worried about what the next few months and years will bring, I am worried about the path his taking as it if pretty similar to his biological parents’ and I am worried we are not going to be able to get through to him. I am trying to hand all these worries over to God, but it is a struggle for me as I am a natural worrier.

Any of my blog readers who pray, I ask that you keep my husband and I in your prayers that we will disicipline with love, not anger (though surely I am angry), we will make the right choices for him in regards to schooling and that we will follow God’s leading in all that we do.  Please keep our son in prayer as he navigates this new world of “big trouble” that he will get back on a good path and stay away from bad influences.

Now back to trying to help my son dig himself out.


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