Updating you on our Taste of Winter

We really have not had much winter… so when I say taste, I mean taste.
For someone who LOVES winter activities as much as I do… I’ve been making the most of any wintery type days we have… and participating in activities like the ski jump, outdoor hockey, and penguin diving on the Wii. I gotta get that thirst for snow in somewhere!

The kids participated in Minute to Win It at youth group.  They had a fun time doing all sorts of goofy activities.

We went sledding for one of our weekly family day excursions. Look at the snow we had to settle on for sledding… not even worth wearing boots in many ways!

Electric Lady requested a “Mother Daughter Date” so we went skating together.

Then we took the whole bunch (with exception of Big Guy who isn’t into skating at all) skating during FebFest. I don’t have many picture, nor good quality of ones because of a frosty lens and battery issues.

We made happy smiles for the camera and had visits from Leah.

And the Wii was a popular spare time activity… as I mentioned above. Oh yes, and the little Monkey Girl below has been moved to a toddler bed after climbing out of her crib a few too many times! She is very proud of herself.

And that be all folks! Keep your eyes open for Mr. Hockey’s birthday post coming up next week!

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