Totschool – Hearts, Hearts and lot’s of Hearts

Tot School

My tot is 30.5 months old.

We did a Valentines Day theme this past week and had a lot of fun with it!

On Monday, we started with colouring hearts and a Vaentines Day page and puzzle from Get’er’done Momma.

Monkey Girl also played a sorting game – I had written “Q”, “q”, “R” and “r” on a bunch of cut out hearts then made her a grid to sort them onto. We didn’t do as much letter practice with Qq last week so I thought it would be a good review! She had fun sorting and glueing them.

When Prince Charming came home, we made ice hearts using a heart cupcake holder from the dollarama, food colouring, water and different kinds of confetti and valentines day decorations. We then placed them in the freezer so they could freeze.

On Tuesday, Monkey Girl and I spent a lot of time with her tot trays and learning toy shelves. She played with her shape sorting blocks, birthday cake (as Mr. Hockey’s birthday was coming up) and built some puzzles with me.

She also had fun with her Valentines Day sensory bin. Making patterns has been a big hit around here lately!

She also enjoyed playing a guessing game with her thick foam heart beads. I would hide one in a heart container while she closed her eyes, then she would guess which colour it was.

Finally, we ended the morning with stickers and some water play in the sink while I tidied up the kitchen.

Wednesday was a pretty full day so the only thing we got to was exploring our ice hearts. When Prince Charming got home from school, I pulled them out and gave each of the littles a cup of warm water and a paint brush. They painted their ice hearts with the warm water to melt them. They LOVED this activity, especially “freeing” the tiny decorations. Finally, Prince Charming had the idea to drop his hearts into the cup of warm water and was amazed at how fast they melted. Monkey Girl preferred to keep painting hers.

On Thursday, Monkey girl and I sorted conversation hearts by colour with printables from Lawtedaw. the best part was eating them!

Then worked on patterning and counting. We used conversation hearts with numbers written on them for matching the correct number to the pictures. We didn’t eat those ones!

On Tuesday and Thursday, I set up trays for Prince Charming to use when he got home from school. Usually her comes home during nap time and grows bored of quiet activities. Most of these are ones he can do himself, but he loves it when I join him. I usually set up 4 or 5 activities and he picks and chooses what he would like to do. Some days he does them all, some days just one or two.
Glueing a puzzle, sorting word families, sorting Qq’s and Rr’s
Colouring hearts and glueing the corresponding number, counting valentine pictures, continuing the patterns.

That would be it for this week!

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