Totschool – Well, Sort of!

Tot School

My tot is 31 months old.

We didn’t do a lot of totschool this week but I did try to make some time for just me and Monkey Girl.

On Monday, we made heart people using heart sticker faces and markers to draw the bodies, Labeled Valetines for our before and after school friends, and played with the shape sorting blocks.

On Tuesday, Monkey Girl gave out her Valentines, played with a magnetic number book and built a House out of her Dora Duplo with me.

On Thursday, Monkey Girl dressed herself in her dress-up clothes, and was quite proud to say the least, she played with her ABC magnets for hours and we built puzzles together.

And that would be it for this week! Next week we’ll dive into the letter Ss.

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2 Responses to Totschool – Well, Sort of!

  1. Love that magnetic book and that she’ll play with the magnets for hours!

  2. Jenny says:

    She’s so cute in her dress-up clothes!

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