A Heartful of Hearts

Hubbers and I were on Sunday School duties last weekend, so we decided to do a Valentine’s Day craft with the kiddos and talk about how Jesus loves us and the ways he shows us that love.

The kids had a blast with this craft and even asked to do it again this week! I think they really liked hearing the “bop, bop, bopping” sounds on the paper as everyone was hard at work. I was surprised they were so into it as we have the older kids (mostly 9-13 year olds) in our group and it is a craft more aimed at preschoolers. I did ask my own kids before we left and they seemed keen on it so I figured, why not give it a try. I am glad I did. I got the idea for the “Dobber Hearts” from Playing House. She has some great ideas over there for little ones.

While I explained what to do, Hubbers taped pre-cut heart shapes onto construction paper. Then I gave the kids some dot paint markers and instructed them to dob all over their papers, using whatever colours or designs they wanted.

They filled up their pages, then we peeled off the taped on hearts. They were all pleased with the crisp white heart in the middle of their paintings.

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